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  1. brockturnal

    Sorry for your loss

    Sorry for your loss
  2. brockturnal

    The Last Post Wins!

    I spilled dinner down the sink. How is everyone else today/tonight?
  3. brockturnal

    Terraria RNG is like your parents when you’re a child trying to show them something cool, but as...

    Terraria RNG is like your parents when you’re a child trying to show them something cool, but as soon as the cool thing happens they look away and the cool thing was something that’ll probably never happen again (Me, glaring @ the sudden influx of vitamins I obtained after 2 IRL days total of...
  4. brockturnal

    Switch “Marketplace”

    EDIT 3/23: Sextant obtained
  5. brockturnal

    Switch “Marketplace”

    If anyone has an extra sextant I can have, I’d be willing to trade something for one (if you message me I’ll send a current list of what I have in stock). My odds with the Angler haven’t been the greatest recently
  6. brockturnal

    Switch “Marketplace”

    I don’t have either unfortunately, all I found is they can appear in Underground Cabins. No specific level though from the looks of it :/
  7. brockturnal

    Switch “Marketplace”

    I have one Moon Stone but no Shiny Stones, is that okay?
  8. brockturnal

    Hot Topic What/who is your favorite NPC?

    If I had to choose *a* favorite, it would be the Stylist or Dryad. That makes me think, though, does anyone else have a favorite/one that just makes them happy to be around? Stylist seems like she would be a cool person to hang around. I like to HC she secretly has expertise in nails and makeup...
  9. brockturnal

    Say the first word that comes to mind

  10. brockturnal

    Switch “Marketplace”

    Hello, So I’m not sure if this exists already, but I was thinking of making a sort of “marketplace” on a Switch world. I have a fair assortment of items I wouldn’t mind giving away; extra blocks, spare weapons, etc. It would be open for a certain amount of time (days TBD) since my Wi-Fi setup...
  11. brockturnal


    Hi, I’m Brock/brockturnal. I have an old dog who we call “Old Man” and I can’t take those words seriously anymore, because I only think of my dog. I would say I make things at random, mostly short stories and a few personal long term projects. I write and draw my singleplayer character catching...
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