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  1. Exodim

    If you could have any Terraria Pet IRL what would it be?

    bunni bunni is smol and cute just don't let him poop in your shoes lol
  2. Exodim

    tModLoader Portable Storage 2

    Small bug. When you click on an item with the bag, it forces the bag's menu to be dragged around on the same cursor position. However, for some reason, certain background apps tend to mess with others. I'm not sure if this is an actual bug with the mod or not. Edit: The bug turned out not to...
  3. Exodim

    tModLoader Terraria Ambience Mod

    I uninstalled and deleted the mod because it wasn't working correctly in Multiplayer, and the original sound is still replaced help how do I restore the original files EDIT: I found the mod's folder still existing even after I erased it, so I deleted it and that fixed everything. Sorry about...
  4. Exodim

    tModLoader Invincible Bunnies

    there's a bug where attack-dashing {shield of Cthulhu, etc.} will kill bunnies, could you fix, please?
  5. Exodim

    Journey's End Vanity Contest Submission Thread

    Bunny Onesie BONUS: Pressing a certain key while wearing the whole set in your Vanity slots will turn you into a bunny! [Pressing the same key turns you back into a human] Perks of bonus: Can use his paws to dig through tiles [When using a pickaxe] Uses ears like a helicopter when using wings [I...
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