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  1. CyberGrass

    Hey Red, do you think you will be adding new content in Terraria 1.4.5?

    Hey Red, do you think you will be adding new content in Terraria 1.4.5?
  2. CyberGrass


  3. CyberGrass

    Weapons & Equip The boulder-zooka

    All the recent boulder hype got me thinking, why not add a boulder themed weapon? Following this train of thought led me to this idea: The Boulder-Zooka(Name not final) It would be an early hardmode weapon that uses boulders for ammo, these boulders would deal the same amount of damage as if...
  4. CyberGrass

    Fallen star 🌟

    Fallen star 🌟
  5. CyberGrass

    Might be a bit too difficult, but; Now you've seen it all - Research every item in the game on...

    Might be a bit too difficult, but; Now you've seen it all - Research every item in the game on a single Journey mode character (Even if you don't make it an achievement, I think it would be nice to get some acknowledgement if you complete this insane task.)
  6. CyberGrass

    Game Mechanics Let's hear your best suggestions for seed combinations!

    Drunk + Don't dig up could fill the underworld with water and fill the oceans with lava
  7. CyberGrass

    Weapons & Equip Ideas for improving the Summoner class

    Anything to make summoner a more viable class is a win in my book
  8. CyberGrass

    tModLoader Fargo's Mods

    I've been trying to get the dragons demise recently, but whenever I use 10 dragon egg trays it only spawns 25 Betsy's? Help?
  9. CyberGrass

    tModLoader Tenebrae

    Those sprites are absolutely Gorgeous! Very impressive pixel art. Exited for this mod to come to 1.4!
  10. CyberGrass

    1.4.4 Discovery/Content Discussion Thread

    I put ,y painter in a graveyard, but he is only selling illuminant coating, not echo coating. help?
  11. CyberGrass

    labor of love hype train

  12. CyberGrass

    labor of love hype train

    In 12 hours, I will be able to progress into hardmode without fear of my jungle being eaten
  13. CyberGrass

    **REPORTED** Equipping ghost items bug.

    I've experienced this as well, its especially annoying when mas-researching in journey mode
  14. CyberGrass

    What does the Lunatic Cultist say?

    I always heard it as "I am your God." or "primordial God."
  15. CyberGrass

    tModLoader Calamity Mod

    Help I was doing the boss rush and after beating the dragonfolly the game started running at 3 frames per second. it was running fine up until then. help?
  16. CyberGrass

    tModLoader Calamity Mod

    Does anyone know if the calamity lore is happening During a play through, or are we playing in a world Post-lore?
  17. CyberGrass

    NPCs & Enemies A post Moon Lord way to buff boss hp

    Have you ever wanted to fight a boss with a unique attack pattern (Deerclops, BoC, etc...) using a weapon with a unique attack pattern? (Daybreak, Xenopopper, etc...) But The difference in progression between to boss and the weapon is so large that you instantly kill the boss without a chance...
  18. CyberGrass

    tModLoader Magic Storage

    The new UI is way to compact. Please add a way to resize it. It's practically unusable right now.
  19. CyberGrass

    Journey mode research glitch thing

    So i was Researching items on my journey mode character and I finished researching the beetle armor set, and my fidgety brain decided to right-click on the slot where the beetle armor helmet was before i Shift-clicked it into the research area. It then played the "equip item sound.". I Was not...
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