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  1. CyberLinkX

    What's Your Favorite Class and Why?

    After 1.4.1, Summoner is so much fun. Just having a ton of minions plus whips can get absolutely ridiculous and I love it. Before that, it was Mage because it was the most similar with you actively attacking while dodging at the same time
  2. CyberLinkX

    The most annoying boss in any video game you've played.

    Got another one to add: Ballos from Cave Story. On his own, he’s a tough fight; but the fact you fight him at the end of a gauntlet and do said gauntlet all over again if you die is just EVIL!
  3. CyberLinkX

    Tool Quick Wave Bank - An easy, no-hassle Wave Bank creator

    Does this still work for 1.4.3?
  4. CyberLinkX

    tModLoader Universal Crafter

    I nearly forgot about this amazing mod! Super useful
  5. CyberLinkX

    Biomes & Nature [Sprites] The Sensation - Inferno of Flavor - Anti-Confection

    Now that the Confection has a mod, I will patiently wait for someone to make this masterpiece as well as Snicker’s other Biome Alternatives into mods…
  6. CyberLinkX

    Biomes & Nature [Sprites] The Confection: The Desserted Land- An Alternate Hallow

    I’m very pleased that this has actually become a mod! It looks like it’s coming along well! Now, when is someone gonna make mods for the Depths and the Gully? Hell, maybe even throw the Sensation in there…
  7. CyberLinkX

    tModLoader Shadows of Abaddon mod

    Good question. I’ve been wondering this myself
  8. CyberLinkX

    Wow... Never realized how cringe this comment was until now... Welp, I’m glad I matured I guess...

    Wow... Never realized how cringe this comment was until now... Welp, I’m glad I matured I guess...
  9. CyberLinkX

    Official The Ultimate Guide To Content Creation And Use For The Terraria Workshop

    Is anyone else running into an issue with music packs where the music randomly disables itself and the only fix is to restart the game? This is with every step followed properly, so I have no idea what I’m doing wrong here...
  10. CyberLinkX

    Rounding Out the Journey: Terraria 1.4.1 is Here!

    I’ve been playing for almost 8 years. It’s sad to see it end, but this end is a good one. I’m glad ya’ll chose to end development when you felt it was needed. Some creators aren’t so lucky. In summary, thank you ReLogic. You have given this individual many great memories with this amazing game.
  11. CyberLinkX

    Terraria State of the Game - August 2020

    Very surprised and impressed at how fast mobile 1.4 is coming along! Can’t wait for release!
  12. CyberLinkX

    Prepare to Embark on Journey's End

    Already?!?:eek: I can’t wait!:happy:
  13. CyberLinkX

    CC Creation Compendium #79

    Thanks for the feedback guys. It’s very appreciated!
  14. CyberLinkX

    CC Creation Compendium #79

    Would definitely recommend joining. It was a lot of fun to make something for this.
  15. CyberLinkX

    CC Creation Compendium #79

    I would HIGHLY recommend entering! It always feels good to see your own work posted for others to see; and maybe even inspire them
  16. CyberLinkX

    tModLoader Universal Crafter

    Been a while since anyone’s replied here. Still a really cool idea though. However, Fargo’s Soul Mod already has Crucible of the Cosmos for this purpose
  17. CyberLinkX

    The Kirby Thread

    Just started playing this series and it’s probably my new favorite platformer. I started with Kirby’s Adventure. I’m currently playing Super Star. I hope to get my hands on the following: Return to Dreamland Triple Deluxe Planet Robobot Star Allies Are there any others ya’ll would suggest?
  18. CyberLinkX

    Other Game Pokémon

    The Eon Pair. Latias and Latios. Latias is just adorable and Latios is so freaking cool!
  19. CyberLinkX


    Undertale is my favorite game right now. Everything about it is just amazing. My favorite parts are probably the characters and the soundtrack. My favorites are: Character(s): The Dreemurr Family (Frisk and Chara included) Track(s): Battle Against a True Hero, Hopes and Dreams Area(s)...
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