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  1. Astrobro84

    Game Mechanics TMod Cross Platform Download Mechanics?

    If cross platform play were to be availiable for TMod Loader, would it be possible to be given the option to save and download mods on other consoles from joined TMod worlds? (Ex. You join world, and it gives a prompt to Join, or Save Mod and Join) If a mod were to have an update, you would have...
  2. Astrobro84

    Terraria State of the Game - May 2023

    It looks Sharkron color themed. Duke Fishron gets a whip?
  3. Astrobro84

    Xbox One Zenith and 1.4 Console

    I got all the swords for the Zenith Blade after days of work. I can't wait for 1.4. How much platinum (If platinum needed) for a legendary reroll for it though?
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