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    AMA? (Ask Me Anything)

    Axolotl, Jungle Turtle As long as they are not to spicy
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    AMA? (Ask Me Anything)

    There might be more rules later on
  3. 3veЯe5t

    AMA? (Ask Me Anything)

    Terraria critter, or any animal that exists IRL?
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    AMA? (Ask Me Anything)

    Stardust, Vortex Beater
  5. 3veЯe5t

    AMA? (Ask Me Anything)

    Just a basic AMA, with a couple of rules
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    wow, I only have a 16 day streak

    wow, I only have a 16 day streak
  7. 3veЯe5t

    Terraria x Madrinas Coffee Collaboration Launches Today!

    I want this, but I don't have enough money
  8. 3veЯe5t

    Items Way of having infinite buff duration

    Maybe something like the 30-Stack potion thing from Fargo's?
  9. 3veЯe5t

    Since everyone is doing this i'lle do one to.

    Can I test my Daybreak (from my profile picture) on you? You'll be fine. I think. Also, What is your favorite class?
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    Which Platform Do You Play Terraria On?

    I Have Terraria on switch & steam (i also have TModLoader)
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    What is the worst boss in your opinion?

    Cultist is just kinda lame, and the only really useful thing he drops is the ancient manipulator.
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    What are you most exited for in the 1.4.5 update?

    New Twins Theme/Stress Ball
  13. 3veЯe5t

    Your favirote following pet

    I think my favorite is the lizard from the lizard egg
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