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  1. psychoImp

    still on the fence between playing games or watching hour-long playthroughs

    still on the fence between playing games or watching hour-long playthroughs
  2. psychoImp

    PC psychoImp's General Goods Store

    yeahp. Just added you on steam :)
  3. psychoImp

    PC psychoImp's General Goods Store

    Added you to steam :) Just message me when you're online. Does 35 Pumpkin moon medallion sound okay?
  4. psychoImp

    PC psychoImp's General Goods Store

    ================================================================= Greetings, is there anything I can help you with? ================================================================= The shop is currently: OPEN (WEEKENDS) (transactions will be held over the weekend. However, I'll try to get to...
  5. psychoImp

    PC WTB Weather Radio

    No worries, I'm still open for transaction. Although the corrupt key has already been traded away.
  6. psychoImp

    Could use ideas for creating a cool "evil" corruption fortress

    I agree. Having some shape, instead of just a rectangle, would help a lot. You can build a good 'ol moat around your base. Make it long/deep enough that mobs would die before getting anywhere near your door or at least have them be stuck down there IF you're going to place some lava. If you opt...
  7. psychoImp

    I just cannot defeat Duke Fishron: He needs serious nerfing

    Congrats on taking down duke fishron :) iirc, I had Spectre armor (hood) and Nebula Arcanum. Now that I think about it, I beat him with post-ML (not actually, couldn't beat moonlord that time :v. Just got the fragments) stuff. I think I should try killing him with pre-ML things. Anyway, as for...
  8. psychoImp

    PC WTB Weather Radio

    Sure! I'll just add you in steam in a bit.
  9. psychoImp

    PC WTB Weather Radio

    Hello. I'm looking for a Weather Radio. Never had luck in getting them :/ I'm willing to trade one (or two) of the following: Nimbus Rod Pygmy staff Shadowbeam Staff Corrupt key Tattered bee wing Broken bat wing Tackle box Fishing guide' Armor polish Blindfold Cursed flames (full stack/99 pieces)
  10. psychoImp

    Oh Hi there

    Name's psychoImp. With caffeine running in my veins, I'd be bold and fearless in posting here! :D I have been playing Terraria for a while now (although I am sure everyone else have played more than I have) and I sure am still having fun. Feel free to message me here or on steam (I have the...
  11. psychoImp

    PC WTB: Corruption Key(s)

    I have one. I'm willing to trade one for any of the following: Weather radio Truffle worms (depends on you how many) Frozen/Jungle Key Or you can just tell me what you're willing to trade it for.
  12. psychoImp

    PC WTS Sextants

    Hello. I would be able to provide the worm food you seek. My steam User ID is psychoimp.
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