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  1. King Penguin

    Resolved Shadow chests won't swap with other chests with block swap.

    Please delete. I had blockswap off on accident.
  2. King Penguin

    tModLoader Wildlife Mod

    In the logs, it says Wildlife Mod: Turkey. You have set ModNPC.banner or ModNPC.bannerItem, but not the other. Make sure you set both, check your spelling, and that the item exists if you are using mod.ItemType(). Report this to the Wildlife Mod developers.
  3. King Penguin

    tModLoader Reap What You Sow Mod

    Add pictures and more info.
  4. King Penguin

    NPCs & Enemies Moonwalker Zombie

  5. King Penguin

    tModLoader Magic Storage

  6. King Penguin

    tModLoader Better take a Power Tool - Electronic counterparts for a lot of tools

    I think you should make the Truffle sell the Mushroom Jackhammer not the Merchant.
  7. King Penguin

    tModLoader Magic Storage

    I got this bug. A recipe group with the name MagicStorage:Emerald does not exist. at Terraria.ModLoader.ModRecipe.AddRecipeGroup(String name, Int32 stack) at MagicStorage.Items.StorageHeart.AddRecipes() at Terraria.ModLoader.RecipeHooks.AddRecipes()
  8. King Penguin

    tModLoader Terralands, By LeeTG3

    Why do Iron Slimes drop Steel?
  9. King Penguin

    tModLoader Computer Mod Poll

    Exactly this is the kind of stuff it would do!
  10. King Penguin

    mods that allow you to search chests? (sort?)

    Go to this poll I made if we can get enough votes then maybe a modder will make it!
  11. King Penguin

    tModLoader Computer Mod Poll

    Applied Energistics 2 is a mod for Minecraft that contains a computer that allows you to store as many items as you want and search for them in a search bar as long as you make enough hard drives for it. Do you think the computer from Applied Energistics 2 should be made a mod for Terraria?
  12. King Penguin

    mods that allow you to search chests? (sort?)

    This mod would be one of the most popular mods if it was made!
  13. King Penguin

    Terraria needs sorting mods.

    Someone please do this!
  14. King Penguin

    tModLoader Need Help Editing Vanilla Item!

    I want to know how to make a simple mod making the umbrella hat give slow fall like the umbrella.
  15. King Penguin

    tModLoader Helpful Hotkeys

    Is there a way you can make it where we can disable the Smart Stack UI Button?
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