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  1. DrivingLizard

    tModLoader Calamity Mod

    Unpopular idea - i think the planetoids should be on a separate mod As a separate mod, the only changes would be that the main planetoid would have Hellstone instead of Cinderplate because obviously you would not have that ore without Calamity The mod would have mutual support with Thorium and...
  2. DrivingLizard

    tModLoader Vanilla Tweaks + other little tweak mods

    Skeleton Merchant should be considered "rare creatures" by the Lifeform Analyzer imo
  3. DrivingLizard

    Calamity planetoids as separate mod?

    Not saying Calamity should remove planetoids, but i think a separate mod would be a nice change The separate mod obviously wouldn't be supposed to used together with Calamity, since Calamity already adds those
  4. DrivingLizard

    Calamity planetoids as separate mod?

    Hi all, i made an account in this forum just to post this stupid idea i had. While i appreciate the work that went into Calamity, it is just not my type of mod, but i think the planetoids are cool and don't really want to download such a game-changing mod just for those So i was thinking of a...
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