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  1. Vruneeto

    tModLoader Endless Escapade

    Take your time with the release. An epic masterpiece needs (and deserves) all the time in the world!
  2. Vruneeto

    tModLoader How to learn C#?

    Hi everyone! I want to learn C#, because I have a great interest on modding. So, anyone can tell me a method for learn C#? Thanks!
  3. Vruneeto

    tModLoader Expeditions Mod - Modular Quest System

    Hi. When i try open a "Rusted box", the game just stop working... Yes, i have a big amount of mods Edit: solved changing the resolution
  4. Vruneeto

    tModLoader Vanilla Balance Style Modpack

    Hi everyone! I'm searching for a modpack was balanced like vanilla (for example, i heared Spirit and Thorium do a "nice couple" in this sense). So, any ideas for others content mod? (No QoL, like Magic Storage or Boss Health etc). If the mods has Thorium's cross-content, that's better! Thanks!!
  5. Vruneeto

    tModLoader GORB Modpack

    Yeah, i already did it. Whatever, thanks for the answer. Another question. Can u tell me your PC's specs?
  6. Vruneeto

    tModLoader GORB Modpack

    How you can use the 64 bits version of tMod in steam?
  7. Vruneeto

    Texture Pack danrevic's Sprite/Texture Replacements

    Any chance to you make a tModLoader version of this? I really love how look the armors with these textures, and i want play with it in my modded playthrough! Nice job <3
  8. Vruneeto

    Chilean texture pack

    A Mistercarlos le gusta esta wea
  9. Vruneeto

    tModLoader Bame's Vanilla Rebalancing

    Nice rebalancing job! A small question. In general, the changes hasn't issues with other rebalanced things from another mod? (Like Calamity changes)... for example, wrongly overwrite and make negative numbers? Thanks!!
  10. Vruneeto

    Resolved Calamity playthrough crashing after beating WoF

    Hi! So, you had to disable Litho's? I ask because I have Lithos and Calamity, and no want a error like this in my playtrough :P Thanks!
  11. Vruneeto

    Update Mod Help Request

  12. Vruneeto

    Update Mod Help Request

    Hi everyone! I need some help with a mod. The mod is Better Mana Regen (tModLoader - Better Mana Regen). I want to play with it, but actually it's not possible because TerrariaHook is not updated. So, when i open the source code, i don't have idea how to do for update the TerrariaHook and make...
  13. Vruneeto

    tModLoader Better Mana Regen

    Hi. I tried download this mod, but never can use this because tmod tell me "TerrariaHook" is necesary. I search it in browser but no found it. I hope u can help me!
  14. Vruneeto

    Standalone N Terraria Mod: RPG, Races, Classes, Quests, and other things.

    A pity that you have discarded the project. Anyway, thank you very much for making such a good and complete mod. I imagine all the hard work it takes to keep it up to date for almost 6 years. Thanks a lot!
  15. Vruneeto

    Journey's End Vanity Contest Submission Thread

    I did this armor using piskel. It is supposed to be a complete set, but I'm not very good at pixelart and do not want to do it wrong. it is assumed, it is part of a set of paladin. and although not remain as armor itself of the game, I'd love to be part of the suits vanity. I made it from the...
  16. Vruneeto

    tModLoader Calamity Mod Spanish translation

    Hola amigo, espero que estés teniendo un maravilloso día. Venía a agradecerte por semejante empeño para traer a nosotros una gran traducción de un gran mod como es Calamity. También, aprovecho para pedirte ayuda al respecto. Estoy interesado en traducir mods para comodidad de los jugadores de...
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