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  1. CDR_Xavier

    Items Projectile sensor

    I think teal pressure pad serve this purpose? Maybe not all projectiles can trigger but there is a good few that do
  2. CDR_Xavier

    Items True Night's Edge & Night's Edge Nerf + Influx Waver Buff

    IF you are running with shoes (because moon lord moves together with you), its returning projectiles will miss. I have seen this happening more than enough to consider it "basically useless" And Ice Queen, for instance. Pumpking as well. Yes, against bigger and slower things (duke fishron...
  3. CDR_Xavier

    Items Rake: Grass Un-mower & Moss/grass Remover

    Mowing grass is useful and fun. It reduces enemy spawn, prevents tall grass from spawning, prevent vines from growing, and changes golf ball interactions. However, what happens when you decided that you no longer want the grass to be mowed? Right now the only way is to remove the grass from...
  4. CDR_Xavier

    Items Endless Herb Pouch

    We do have herb bags (as a item); However in my books said item is ultra rare as it is not renewable and not guaranteed to have any on a world So it's not a massive stretch to make a infinite version of it. 1000 of every herb is not that hard; you just use them planter boxes and check in from...
  5. CDR_Xavier

    Items explosive boulders

    I would say not have it destroy tiles since tnt battels dont do that as well Sounds like the only thing after bouncy boulder and rolling cactuses
  6. CDR_Xavier

    Items Guide to Letting Me Destroy Vines But Not Anything Else

    Something that allow you to toggle "kill/no kill critters" independent of "destroy/no destroy objects" on the "guide to peaceful coexistence" would be a good idea.
  7. CDR_Xavier

    Items True Night's Edge & Night's Edge Nerf + Influx Waver Buff

    Night's edge don't get damage (and knockback) increases, so even though the hit area is increased it does not make it super powerful. I do think influx waver can have a potential *rework*, not necessarily a buff/nerf. Higher returning projectile speed, for instance. Right now it dont have...
  8. CDR_Xavier

    Game Mechanics Could Journey Mode's Godmode toggle be expanded into a damage resistance slider?

    Journey Mode AFAIK is just "creative but not", and you have to "earn" things in order to be able to grant infinite supply (to said thing). Which isn't technically true since the mana is just being replentished at a very fast rate. You can see the flicker if you use things like last prism or...
  9. CDR_Xavier

    Items Net/Bug Blade

    Maybe we can have a "tweakable"/alternate function, not unlike the grand design or the DCU. Holding left click will not destroy grass (and stone) but right click will Or that right-clicking brings up a menu that allow you to adjust the settings (of destroying grass/rubble) Could have a fancy...
  10. CDR_Xavier

    Items Net/Bug Blade

    It does seem to be somewhat redundant, since the golden bug net do have the ability to destroy grass, and damaging enemies can be accomplished through the use of minions/centries. However (for the case of jungle creatures) the larger jungle bushes require a pickaxe to destroy, and spawns...
  11. CDR_Xavier

    Items Net/Bug Blade

    A pre-hardmode (or hardmode?) melee weapon that destroys grass (and other normally-destroy-able vegetation), does not hurt critters and functions as a bug net. Might be purchase-able with a high Bestiary completion, boss kill, or alternatively crafted. Possible ingredients include golden bug...
  12. CDR_Xavier

    Items Item Stack 9999

    I'm not against having more items stack to more. However, I feel like that stacking to 9999 will be a bit overpowered/broken. I think one of the reasons that items cannot stack beyond (because let's be honest; item stack size is not, for the most part, a programming challenge) a certain number...
  13. CDR_Xavier

    Terraria State of the Game - March 2022

    Most people seem to be about the stack size. Me included. Although, this means that the previous discussion on "increasing the stack size will affect game balancing" is kind of thrown out of the window. I have no problem with things stacking to 999 and others stacking to 99. And in fact, 9999...
  14. CDR_Xavier

    Blocks & Decoration Terraria Pets in Empty Terrarium!

    The idea is brilliant. However, as we had known for a lot of times, something that have additional stats stored other than the block itself (such as item/weapon rack) isn't the most stable way to display your stuff. Which isnt necessary because they could make a seperate block (or furniture)...
  15. CDR_Xavier

    XenForo Activity

    How many total users are on Terraria XenForo? I know there are 43 online and 641 visitors but that doesnt mean anything
  16. CDR_Xavier

    Other Boss Health Bar Revamp

    I much prefer a permanent fraction in the middle of the bar, especially since it's actually large enough. Not sure if it is already in place but my Plantera fight yesterday is pretty informative. Maybe that's an illusion of me as I tried to hover the mouse over her at all times (why wouldnt you...
  17. CDR_Xavier

    Blocks & Decoration Make Cloud blocks craftable

    We need to be able to craft ice blocks and cloud blocks. Because right now if I want to make say a mushroom sky island I will need to go to another world and basically ruin it to get the cloud. Which isnt a lot of fun consider the difficulty in getting to that high without building anything...
  18. CDR_Xavier

    Character underground snow squint

    The character will squint when it is snowing inside the snow biome and not in front of any walls. HOWEVER, below the naturally walled-off sections (underground), the character will still squint, but its apparent that it is not snowing underground. The character will still squint even after...
  19. CDR_Xavier

    What is your Favorite Stage of Terraria?

    Me saying "Official Release nostalgia" is because the Official Release contain the most things you have in a pre-hard world (without temple or crimson or WoF). It is the most "original". Update 1.1 introduced hardmode and the mech bosses Update 1.2 introduced crimson, queen bee, snow biome...
  20. CDR_Xavier

    What's the worst thing that has happened to you in a game?

    WH40K: Freeblade (mobile shooter) (me getting a really really high score on daily event) (moving to the final encounter) (iPad battery dies) Or, trying to play GTA V. (intro scene where protagonists robbed bank) (intro where protagonist's friends drive cars to a shop) (drives car to shop)...
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