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    Items Silly Terraria Item Ideas (part 1)

    Thanks for the feedback, I've been writing a lot of these ideas down (and I have a lot more) so I really appreciate the kind words. I really like some of the pre-hardmode weapons, but it's a shame they fall off in usefullness after a while. The Soul of Incredible Power aimed to fix that, making...
  2. Lun

    Items Silly Terraria Item Ideas (part 1)

    Thanks for the feedback, they are just ideas after all, nothing too serious or very Vanilla friendly.
  3. Lun

    Items Silly Terraria Item Ideas (part 1)

    I had some interesting ideas for different kind of Accessories. Hopefully this is he right place for them. (if not I'm sorry) Tri-ring Equippable Does nothing on its own Any reforgment this ring recieves is Tripled. Boost Bracelet Does nothing on its own Each Weapon modifier is increased by 1...
  4. Lun

    Builds Here are some builds I made from a personal challenge world!

    Woah, I really like how the Ocean build has turned out, I never thought of using Boreal wood in an Ocean build.
  5. Lun

    Builds Shimmer Build

    Sadly, I couldn't get the whole building in the picture.
  6. Lun

    Weapons & Equip New type of summoner weapon?

    Yea exactly! I'd love to see an armor set that empowers sentries, and more pre-hardmode sentries. Maybe there could be special blocks that boost stationary summons if they are standing on top of them. It could open up more posibilities when building arenas too. I love making custom arenas and...
  7. Lun

    Weapons & Equip New type of summoner weapon?

    Summons really only have Whips and Sentries besides Summon staffs, not sure how else you could *summon* something. Perhaps something like Conjuration spells could work, they could empower your minions and sentries in several ways. Atleast I think it would be nice if we could get something to...
  8. Lun

    Drawings & Paintings Mid Lunatic Cultist drawing

    I'm still figuring out how the Terraria forum works, here's a drawing though!
  9. Lun

    Builds A Few Mediocre Builds from my Playthroughs

    Some NPC housing A Custom Arena A Japanese house A Little Base
  10. Lun

    Builds My Hardcore Terraria Builds

    My favourite's gotta be the Glowing Mushroom island. Very pretty!
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