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    1.4.4 Discovery/Content Discussion Thread

    Seems that this feature is also inherited into everything seed, pretty weird that something is not available in "everything"
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    Angler Loot drops duplicating

    according to the reward list on wiki, having fishing bag materials increase the chance of getting fish finder pieces, not the other way around the order is fish line, earrings, box, guide, radio, sextant, so basically there is nothing you can do to increase the chance of getting fish line by...
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    Bug with hallow and corruption/crimson artificial biomes

    post a screenshot to see if you're doing something wrong in 1.4 snow/desert require 1500 blocks, crimson/corruption 300, jungle 140 and hallow 125 also, remember that hallow and corruption/crimson cancel out each other (e.g. 300 crimson+125 hallow=175 crimson, thus no biome is activated)
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    **REPORTED** Terraprisma not dropping

    EoL is invulnerable at the beginning of the fight for a moment, and some experiments show that dealing damage before this will ruin a day EoL run. for this specific video, 238 damage was dealt at 0:07 try using a melee weapon to initiate the boss fight to avoid hitting EoL accidently
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    PC Clentaminator sometimes destroys Demon Altar

    I created several new worlds but failed to reproduce it myself as well I was in journey mod, at master difficulty and without any special ability turned on, using the green solution to purify a natural corruption biome in hardmode. the message of hardmode ore does show up. in fact i wasn't...
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    Working as Designed NPC Happiness/Pylon network and Celestial event

    pillars have fixed spawning region of less than 2 screen wide, which enables player to prepare for simple arena to avoid dying ~10 times against each pillar, and now you're some mechanism to somehow magically arrange npc howsing in this tight region. speaking of artificial biomes, i've counted...
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    Working as Designed NPC Happiness/Pylon network and Celestial event

    the problem is about why you decide to build your town so close to a pillar's spawning area, not the reverse pillars spawn in a relatively fixed region and there exist structure designs that can prevent or force a piller to spawn in a specific piont. to avoid this from happening you should...
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    PC Hallow mobs only spawn in hallow biome

    I made an mob farm and tried to control mob type by switching different spawning floor as in 1.3 and noticed that hallow mobs cannot spawn on pearlstone blocks if the player is not inside a hallow biome (with at least 125 hallow blocks nearby) i did several tests and the results are: stone...
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    Working as Designed Frozen Crates very rare

    fishing items are divided into 6 rarities (plentiful, common, uncommon, rare, very rare and extreme rare according to wiki) and the system first decide which rarity you get based on the fishing power and whether you get a crate, and then choose an item from the given rarity with the increase of...
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    Working as Designed Frozen Crates very rare

    it is not the case for hell crate mentioned in the post while other biome crates have same catching chance, obsidian/hell crates are much more common. technically all crates except for obsidian/hell crates are equally rare with same setup. also, as you did not mention anything about the...
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    PC Clentaminator sometimes destroys Demon Altar

    I tried to use clentaminator to purify the corruption biome and somehow destroyed several demon altars with it. only some of the altars got destroyed during the process, but I didn't see any difference between the destroyed altars and the remainings. This happened in two of my playthroughs...
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    PC "This room is missing a wall"

    as far as i can see most of the problem are caused by the blocks that build the house, not the "background walls". just avoid making weird-shaped rooms will solve most of the problems. the rule for background walls are simple, there should be no hole larger than 4x4 in the background both...
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    Some Artificial Biome issues

    any npc with a shop can sell any pylon as long as he/she is happy in the given biome ask the npc about their happiness to see why he/she is not happy in your case, a possible reason is that the house is too close to your main base, all npcs dislike being overcrowded
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    PC Artificial biome requirement changes?

    only snow mobs check corresponding biome to spawn, most of the other mobs only check the corresponding floor. corruption mobs can spawn on top of any corrupted blocks in any biome, but cannot spawn on other block even if you're in corrupt biome
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    What is the first boss i can summon

    Technically you can fight any pre-hardmode boss as the first boss as you like, including Wall of Flesh. King Slime and Eye of Cthulhu are the easiest and provide useful item to increase mobility, thus are recommended. In addition to summoning items, King Slime will appear if you kill enough...
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    Is there any new design for mob farms in 1.4 ?

    The mob generation and teleportation system seems work as before, but with the slime mount invincibility maching broken, I have no idea how to build a safehouse / killing chamber. so is there any new design to handle mobs/attacks that can travel through walls for mob farms in 1.4 ?
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    How to make NPC stay at the top of the house?

    just let the two row adjacent to each other, and you can walk on the top half of the bottom row
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    Having several problems the first day with mods

    I encountered 2 problems the 1st is that some mod items have yellow frames, to be specific some of the items from Infinity dunno it's the mod's problem or something is wrong with me ##just noticed that the tml can extract mods, seems that the yellow part are its glowing effect but since the...
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