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  1. WitheredWyvern

    tModLoader [Released WIP] The Split Mod

    Hmm... is the Sunken Ship found underneath the ice biome?
  2. WitheredWyvern

    Resolved [Xbox One] Craftable Statues?

    Okay, well thanks for the help! I guess I can wait until 1.3.1's release on Xbox :p:D
  3. WitheredWyvern

    Resolved [Xbox One] Craftable Statues?

    Okay, so none of the statues like Drippler are included either? That stinks, I was going to farm out the money trough LOL :confused::pumpking::nymph:
  4. WitheredWyvern

    Resolved [Xbox One] Craftable Statues?

    I need help, guys! I know how to craft the critter statues (Five of each critter and 50 stone) but there are craftable mob statues too! Everywhere I looked on the wiki, it didn't tell me how to craft them, only about them. Could you give me a list of the craftable mob statues, where to craft...
  5. WitheredWyvern

    The Last Post Wins!

    aaaaannnnnddddd..... I win. *for now, until someone else replies `:cool:~;):sigh::pumpking::pinky:
  6. WitheredWyvern

    Xbox One Please help me

    You just gotta tough it out man! Try to do a pirate invasion and get a Cutlass, or farm in the ice biome for an Amarok. The Amarok has a 1 in 300 (0.33%) chance to drop from any enemy defeated in a Snow Biome. It can also drop in a Corrupt/Crimson or Hallowed Snow Biome.
  7. WitheredWyvern

    Xbox One Dyes on Console and Favorite Dyes Period

    Man, it stinks that the one thing I was truly looking forward to is one of the few things I can't use :D:D:D Hopefully we can get them to where they work soon! :kingslime: Anyway, what's your favorite dye? Mine is either Hades dye, or Shifting Sands. ... or maybe living ocean... LOL
  8. WitheredWyvern

    I am too boiii

    I am too boiii
  9. WitheredWyvern

    Auto Quick Stack!

    My idea is a simple one: Why not make it to where you can hold down quick stack? Currently, (at least on the version I have, console) you cannot hold down the quick stack button to continuously stack stuff into items. But why?
  10. WitheredWyvern

    Console Farming Enemies

    Oh, wow! Thanks so much! I'll definitely do that! :happy::D
  11. WitheredWyvern

    Console Farming Enemies

    Okay, thanks! So, I watched a couple of videos, and I saw HappyDays do a design with teleporters? I'm going to do that for the Vampire Miners, but I still don't have a clue how to farm the Dragon Snatcher XD Like, I know it takes Jungle, but what would be an efficient way to farm them...
  12. WitheredWyvern

    Console Farming Enemies

    Thanks! :D Wait, but I don't have target dummies. Should I do the slime invincibility box, or the spike invincibility box?
  13. WitheredWyvern

    Console Farming Enemies

    Does anyone know of some good layouts for an AFK farm on console for these three specific enemies? Vampire Miner, Dragon Snatcher, Shadow Hammer? I've been fooling around with some ideas, but would appreciate any help from those of you who DON'T have school 10 hours a day :D:sigh:
  14. WitheredWyvern

    PS4 Looking for banners.

    I have almost all of them! Now to just go get the Arch-Demon, Dragon Snatcher, and Vampire Miner...
  15. WitheredWyvern

    Can't wait until console 1.3 so I can get your dev-set!:D ( It's quite possibly my favorite...

    Can't wait until console 1.3 so I can get your dev-set!:D ( It's quite possibly my favorite, along with Arkhalis's )
  16. WitheredWyvern

    One Terraria: An Introduction & Future Impacts

    Okay, I understand this, but will their respective banners be taken as well, or will they be included as "legacy items" tooo? I really want to know, as I have spent hours farming these mobs for their banners previous to this.
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