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    tModLoader Vanilla Tweaks + other little tweak mods

    Seems that this mod has issues with recipe broswer, I reported it to there and I wanted to do the same here as its similar issue. Here's an log. Hope you can fix it soon!
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    tModLoader Recipe Browser

    Seems that this mod have some issue, so when running with mods with its config all turned on, would cause crashes when going into broswer to find certain armor that included an npc as an recipe unless I have all three options turned off doesnt crashes, and it might not compatible with WMITF mod...
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    tModLoader True Tooltips 1.4

    Ok, now the issue still perists, seems its somehow not working well with weaponout mod, each time I hover the item, sadly still causes crashes, sorry for long delay but I was figuring it out to make really really sure that its was the case.
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    tModLoader WeaponOut

    I love this mod no homo but there is something wrong with it, as soon as I simply hovers over weaponout items causes my client to crash each single time. Hope you can fix it, those fist weapons are game changer lmao. Here's an log. :)
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    tModLoader True Tooltips 1.4

    Found that there is errors when running your mod, it seems its not compatibility issue but the mod itself had issues. Here's an log for you. I hope you are able to fix it as this is best tooltip I ever had. For now I have it disabled until you fix it. :)
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