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  1. Skyre Ventes

    tModLoader W.I.P Beyond The Forgotten Ages Mod

    why am i still in the credits for music?
  2. Skyre Ventes

    tModLoader Water Biome Mod

    dude... this mode died like... a year ago...
  3. Skyre Ventes

    tModLoader Decimation Mod

    it would be if we had more coders
  4. Skyre Ventes

    tModLoader Pokemod

    I don't want to sound rude but, are people not able to read 4 messages above them before posting questions like this? The creator hasn't been on in about a year and a half, so I'd say it's safe to assume this mod is simply dead. Once again, I don't want to seem rude, but seriously... 4 posts up...
  5. Skyre Ventes

    It is I, Skyre Ventes#0093 from the land of Discord, requesting verification

    It is I, Skyre Ventes#0093 from the land of Discord, requesting verification
  6. Skyre Ventes

    tModLoader GabeHasWon's Mod

    It's being added to Havoc mod, which is on temp hiatus because the main coder is busy with school (I think. I could be wrong.)
  7. Skyre Ventes

    tModLoader The Taradoxian mod

    your chances of getting un-credited are about as slim as the main dev coming back and reviving the mod... or even, ya know, coming back.
  8. Skyre Ventes

    tModLoader The Taradoxian mod

    i dont even think he took anything... he probably saw the way things were going and took a head start in leaving...
  9. Skyre Ventes

    tModLoader The Taradoxian mod

    I'm pretty sure this was doomed to fail predominantly due to even the mere association with trelamium... Not to mention the main leading dev randomly left without notice... I honestly would've been tremendously surprised if this actually were to have made it to a beta-testing state of...
  10. Skyre Ventes

    tModLoader GabeHasWon's Mod

    it was a thing, but people complained about being unable to get things from hell to spawn because the void replaced it (i think). also this mod has died and the swamp biome and its related stuff were added to havoc mod.
  11. Skyre Ventes

    tModLoader F.n.a.t five nights at terraria (Fnaf mod for terraria)~{NEEDS CODERS AND SPRITERS DESPERATELY}~

    the creator hasn't been on since last december, so it seems highly unlikely
  12. Skyre Ventes

    tModLoader The Edge Chronicles Mod

    This mod died awhile ago, so there's no point really.
  13. Skyre Ventes

    tModLoader Pokemod

    This mod hasn't been updated in forever and the creator hasn't been seen here since November of last year mate. As far as I'm aware, the mod's dead.
  14. Skyre Ventes


    Seeing as the last person who posted before you was in July of last year, I'm about 200% certain that this mod is dead.
  15. Skyre Ventes

    tModLoader Echoes of the Ancients

    Sorry about that mate. I tend to have to compete with other things making noise and turn things up just so I can hear what I'm working on (cuz people like to come in and turn the tv volume up to like 25-30, also animals) and I keep forgetting to edit the volume afterward. I'll fix that in a bit.
  16. Skyre Ventes

    tModLoader The Split Mod [WIP]

    seems interesting...
  17. Skyre Ventes

    tModLoader Decimation Mod

    I think one of em just doesn't have a working computer at the moment and Osiris only gets about an hour a day to work on the mod... hopefully these things change soon if they haven't already because things have really slowed to a crawl.
  18. Skyre Ventes

    tModLoader Decimation Mod

    The sprites are being worked on and updated... Problem is, just about everyone working on the mod (about 4 or 5 people) besides me are having technical or irl problems that are eating up a good chunk of their time, at least to my understanding.
  19. Skyre Ventes

    tModLoader Project Eternity (Heavy W.I.P)

    I might be willing to help with music. Also, I agree with Caseratis' Discord idea. Not only do you find more talented people to help out, it helps keep things organized and devs constantly informed of what's being/has been done, especially in a mod that plans to be big.
  20. Skyre Ventes

    tAPI [WIP][Released] Metroid Mod

    I'd also be more than willing to help, though as a musician, if one were to be needed. It'd give me a good reason to remix some Metroid tunes.:dryadsmile:
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