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  1. Chocosta

    Other Art Hearthstone Crossover : turning Terraria into Hearthstone cards !

    Hello, fellow Terrarians ! I have decided, after noticing my form of art being seen as good, to go further with it and make more Terraria-related Hearthstone cards. They will range from enemies to items and maybe even weapons ! For now I have the Bosses and their Servants, made for the...
  2. Chocosta

    PC I wanna play a game... and am looking for people.

    Status : Not looking for people right now. Hey there ! I'm a bit bored of playing alone and I'm looking for 1 to 2 people to join me in my Journey through Terraria in Expert Mode. My only condition to join me is : Be mature. My Steam account is here if you want to add me. Mic is optional but...
  3. Chocosta

    PC Let's run through Terraria Together !

    Bonswar, guys. Do I really have to explain why I'm creating this thread ? Ok, Ok, I'm here because I want to play with 2 or 3 other Terrarians, no matter their skill in the game. I can host the world and am usually available Saturday and Sunday (At around 3:00 P.M, Hour of the U.K). I'd like to...
  4. Chocosta

    Special Paints, a different way to paint stuff. (And animated Paintings)

    Bonjour/Bonswar people ! I'm here (again ?) to talk about some other suggestions to express more of our creativity : the Special Paints and the Animated Painting ! As the majority of the special dyes are animated (or are depending on the light level), why not doing the same thing with the...
  5. Chocosta

    Decrafting the rope coils into ropes again and more walls.

    Bonswar, everyone ! As the title says, I would like to share some ideas that crossed my mind a few days ago. ---------------------------------------------- Since can now be crafted back into , why wouldn't be also crafted back into ? It would help a lot, I'm tired of having to throw on...
  6. Chocosta

    PC Potential sources of crash

    Bonswar Encore, I'm here again because I may have found some sources of crashes. I experience crashes when Loading/Saving worlds (do it repeatedly, it should happen, no matter the clouding or not), when doing only that. Some things seem to increase the Crash rate : -Whenever I press the F1...
  7. Chocosta

    [PC] Beating Up the Eater of Worlds in Expert Mode.

    Bonjour/Bonswar, Guys and Girls ! Tired of failing to kill the Eater of Worlds ? Angered by the Overpowered Vile Spits ? Crying because this trick is too strong for you ? Well here and now I'll show you how to kill it the easy way ! 1) Preparation Because you absolutely need to do it ...
  8. Chocosta

    Sleeping in a bed.

    Bonswar, guys and girls ! I'm here today/tonight/staring at you/whatever to share an idea on a mechanic that could be added in a future update : Sleeping in a bed ! Now that you want me dead for this idea, let me explain how this could work : Sleeping would skip the night (by timelapse or...
  9. Chocosta

    Some possible chat improvements

    Bonswar, everyone ! As the title says, i'd like to have some thing the chat needs. This one is important : If I had made a mistake in my sentence, I would be forced to delete every SINGLE letters before this mistake, so think about a guys making a 20-minutes text and figuring out one lil'...
  10. Chocosta

    PC Say hi to Chocosta !

    Well hello there, I'm Chocosta, a terrarian like all of you guys:) You can also call me Polari which is the english name of Chocosta which is the french one. YES I'M FRENCH, BAGUETTE, GOT IT ? (Sorry) Whatever, it's cool to be able to understand/write/read english very well so i can talk with...
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