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  1. EchoDuck

    tModLoader Insanity Mod

    If you want people to help you, you should probably list some ideas and maybe show your sprites. Also a tip : don't go overboard with content amount and focus on quality
  2. EchoDuck

    tModLoader TeraCAD

    Looks good, good luck with further development!
  3. EchoDuck

    tModLoader Graydee's mini mods

    That's a lot of plans. And I would really like to see them ingame so goodluck gray
  4. EchoDuck

    tModLoader Auralite mod

    Another one joins the hivemind? lol
  5. EchoDuck

    tModLoader Tiny Worlds

    We need this mod, but make the world size of the screen. Would be fun
  6. EchoDuck

    tModLoader [Dead] Wyvernium Mod

    Sadly looks like it is... would be great to see the owner back but it doesn't seem like he will come back
  7. EchoDuck

    tModLoader Da Dude Mod

    Yeah... honestly, you wont be able to do 16 bosses. I'd advise you make less, but more polished and not make as much as possible and fitting them everywhere you can
  8. EchoDuck

    tModLoader Pentacore Mod - 5 ores, 4 bosses, 2 minibiomes and more!

    As @Blockaroz said, we didn't do anything for long. Which is probably my fault, I'm not a good team leader. Anyway, this mod is dead, however the bosses might be moved to my mod EchosBosses, where they will be post-Moonlord challenge fights, without spawning ores and just dropping powerful...
  9. EchoDuck

    Idk, I just know your name from your sprite threads (good stuff), also seen you on a few discords

    Idk, I just know your name from your sprite threads (good stuff), also seen you on a few discords
  10. EchoDuck

    tModLoader Summoners Love

    This mod looks pretty nice, looks like it will be good summoner expansion
  11. EchoDuck

    tModLoader Yet Another Boss Health Bar

    Amazing mod again, you're great!
  12. EchoDuck

    tModLoader [Dead] Wyvernium Mod

    It's not a copypaste pillar for a few reasons. Elerium is a throwing one while this one is healing. It looks way different too. Calling it a copypaste because it's a green is counterproductive, did you consider that there aren't a lot of colors? Not mentioning that this one actually works ingame...
  13. EchoDuck

    tModLoader Contra Corruptam Mundi - Against the Corruption of the World

    Hey, this is pretty nice. Good lck in developing it
  14. EchoDuck

    tModLoader Negadium - Mharadium & Negativity

    That's a very cool feature, and makes trying out stuff more fun. Hopefully at least alpha will be released decently soon
  15. EchoDuck

    tModLoader Negadium - Mharadium & Negativity

    Very noice
  16. EchoDuck

    tModLoader Item Checklist - In-game 100% item collection checklist

    Make a version for NPC kills / encounters. Also this is amazing
  17. EchoDuck

    tModLoader Pentacore Mod - 5 ores, 4 bosses, 2 minibiomes and more!

    Actually... those will be removed probably, except the slime armor. We talked some stuff over a while ago, and we might also move Atlantis stuff to regular ocean. It will mostly focus on the 4 bosses now
  18. EchoDuck

    tModLoader Lives & Injury

    That's a nice idea! I won't personally use it because I'm not really a person who likes challenges like this, but it sounds like something people would enjoy
  19. EchoDuck

    tModLoader Itorius' Mods

    Those mods are great. And from what I seen it'll be actually what was promised. Great job
  20. EchoDuck

    tModLoader Fishing 2.0

    This mod looks neat. Although the mechanical fishron sprite isn't really good
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