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  1. Shinygamer99

    Wii U Digital Launch and Console Update

    The splash screen is when loading or creating a world, a screen will show the process of loading in.
  2. Shinygamer99

    Console & Mobile News: Wii U Release and more!

    I went on YouTube to check on when the 1.3 update came out, it says June-July for it to come out, it took almost a year to get 1.3.1 out, I would not be surprised to see that many small updates to take a while. Mostly due to a lot of other content that needs to be fixed or old features changed...
  3. Shinygamer99

    "Hue hue hue hue" -MeRk

    "Hue hue hue hue" -MeRk
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    PC 1.3.1 Release Date!

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