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  1. Alfa35

    tModLoader Smart Doors (From 1.4)

    Also doors at abandoned ship at Split mod Also for anyone who couldn't download it, download it [here]
  2. Alfa35

    tModLoader WeaponOut

    Finally fixed with a WeaponOutCompat patch for Terraria Overhaul, thank god
  3. Alfa35

    tModLoader Terraria: Endgame Content v1.1

    Looking forward for this update
  4. Alfa35

    Tml 64 bit Unable to load DLL '/usr/lib/libobjc.A.dylib' crash

    I think if you're playing on windows, '/usr/lib/libobjc.A.dylib' error will be usually skipped since it is exclusively for mac/linux, I opened tml and often see this kind of error, but still proceeds to open tml 64 since I'm on windows
  5. Alfa35

    tModLoader Dynamic Lights

    This is actually amazing, I wonder if this is possible to be done with 1.3, I wanna see this with some mods like Calamity or Mod of Redemption
  6. Alfa35

    tModLoader Gensokyo Mod, a Touhou mod for Terraria

    Same here, I thought I was the only one I used alt-fire on Lunarian Musket gun to thrust with bayonet to test the alt-fire for the first time, it worked once, and that's it, I thought alt-fire mechanic have a cooldown that long after use
  7. Alfa35

    tModLoader Dark-Assassin's various mini mods

    Exactly, this issue can be easily solved with a little modification by using the built-in THook in latest version of tML, though the only thing that holds us back is the permissions due to intellectual property Sorry of this reply is a bit too late, but there's a mod in 1.3 called "Readable...
  8. Alfa35

    tModLoader Dark-Assassin's various mini mods

    There's TML Patcher to solve this issue, and don't forget to credit the mod's creator (Dark-Assassin) for the modified version of this mod. I am no coder so I can't be bothered doing this job, sorry. Though you can request someone to do it in tML discord, some people might be willing to...
  9. Alfa35

    tModLoader Crouch, Crawl, and Roll

    Is there a way for the features to be optional? Like having a configuration to enable and disable some parts? Like disabling weapon use during roll, charged jump, doing things that Sonic does (ball-roll movements or being able to boost using ramp) and usage of accessories? I'd like a simple...
  10. Alfa35

    tModLoader Smart Doors (From 1.4)

    That's the common feature even in 1.4, I don't think the doors in 1.4 would overlap with objects blocking in it, it would just do the same thing similar to the mod in 1.3 Try placing webs beside doors, and try to open it, you'll see what I mean
  11. Alfa35

    tModLoader 《Dancing with the Dragon mod》-Add a special summoned beast type

    If you plan to make Dragons mountable, I'd suggest adding that feature to adult Dragons, which will give players a motivation to take care of them, like how Pokemon does Try implementing the Pokemon system with this method, like making Biome Dragons obtainable at any point (so people wouldn't...
  12. Alfa35

    tModLoader Readable Books - The next best thing since rideable rotating cylinders

    Before knowing this mod, I used to put reminders/notes to sign-boards and place them inside my house or near the spawnpoint when I leave the game for months, that changed when I found this mod, I can now use this as my portable notepad, very convenient
  13. Alfa35

    List of mods that uses dependencies

    Oh so it was called "Mod References"... Thank you, I've been looking for that kind of term for awhile
  14. Alfa35

    tModLoader PvP but with Bosses

    Is it possible to make it also singleplayer-only (PVE)? I wanna see if it's possible to finish the run just by being only boss Imagine EoC got tired of everything and decided to be rogue and fought Moonlord, that would be hilarious
  15. Alfa35

    tModLoader Smart Doors (From 1.4)

    Petition to port this in 1.4 tmodloader Just kidding lol Or make a mod in 1.4 tmodloader called Un-smart door where you'll make 1.4 players experience the way doors work in 1.3, by simply making it be manually opened with a right click, and add a mod description like: "You know what? :red:...
  16. Alfa35

    List of mods that uses dependencies

    Hello, I would like to know how I could view a list of mods that uses the same specific dependencies rather than viewing the list of dependencies of a mod, in a mod browser, or something like this: In Mod Browser: Polarities [Dependencies] - Subworld Library SGA mod [Dependencies] -...
  17. Alfa35

    tModLoader Portable Storage 2

    The UI sticking to the cursor is fine to me though, because you can simply re-open your inventory UI, and avoid clicking the middle part of the interface, though my issue is that it conflicts with mods like Terraria Overhaul, all hotkeys assigned to Terraria Overhaul seems to be not working...
  18. Alfa35

    The Polarities Mod

    Is there anything new to it other than a fix? What's his discord on this mod anyways? I wanna check what happened Edit: Oh wait, nvm found it, my apologies
  19. Alfa35

    The Polarities Mod

    Uh.. The latest update in the Mod Browser says it fixes the mod from disappearing in the Mod List, yet when I updated it, it actually disappears, and after updating it, I can't find it in both Mod Browser and Mod List, which is ironic, based on what the update log in the description said. Once...
  20. Alfa35

    The Polarities Mod

    One of my friends found a loophole or something during my multiplayer-playthrough where I had Projectile Fix mod installed (all multi-shot projectiles ignore enemy i-frames and hit altogether), and my friend stumbled upon Neural Basher (a flawless-reward item), which each flails expand into...
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