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  1. SpartanSHATTER

    Journey's End Vanity Contest Submission Thread

    I know we're not supposed to post references to other games, but I had this sitting around my computer and figured I'd give it a shot anyways, even if to just show it off. Would be really cool to see something like it in the game though. One variant is without a weapon on its back and one is...
  2. SpartanSHATTER

    I need a weapon.

    I need a weapon.
  3. SpartanSHATTER

    Xbox One What is the luckiest moment you’ve ever had in Terraria?

    Getting the slime staff in my first Terraria day in a new world. (I was speechless)
  4. SpartanSHATTER

    Console [A Mere Thread #1] Whats your favorite Pet/Minion?

    Mine is a tie between the Baby Dinosaur and the Baby Dungeon Guardian. I love the dinosaur because, well, he's a freaking dinosaur and I love the status that comes with my Dungeon Guardian!
  5. SpartanSHATTER

    Console What are you doing to prep for the console 1.3 update?

    I am getting all of the console exclusive items to put on display as my main goal. I have also tamed both the Hallow and corruption and build an easy and fast transit system for the lunar event. Other than that, I've just been getting hyped up and adding a few improvements here and there!
  6. SpartanSHATTER

    Xbox 360 the cheap way i killed plantera (don't use this method, it's outdated)

    I had done this with a number of bosses before! Funny to see that someone used the same tactic!
  7. SpartanSHATTER

    Jumpscared in Terraria

    Arch Wyverns. God they're terrifying.
  8. SpartanSHATTER

    Console 1.3: A Progress Update on the Road to Certification

    :DI know it's unintentional, but you guys are actually teaching me a lot about the game development process! As for the timing, I respect that you have the dedication to not just ship the game but make sure it is the best it can be. Thanks and keep up the good work!
  9. SpartanSHATTER

    One Terraria: An Introduction & Future Impacts

    Sad to see some of the content go, but nice to know that we might be getting cross-platform play! I have a friend who plays on PC while I was on Xbox One and this would be great news to us. I'll definitely hold on to that Ocram Trophy.:happy:
  10. SpartanSHATTER

    Console Console Exclusive Items And 1.3

    I realize that this post was over a month ago, but I just wanted to say that Minecraft announced at E3 that they were doing an all cross-platform update including Xbox One, Nintendo switch, ps4, and PC. Of course, they are all caught up as far as versions of the game are concerned, but it is...
  11. SpartanSHATTER

    Console Console 1.3 - An Update on Timing

    Fine by me! Better a smooth game than a glitchy one with the new stuff! (I need to do a few things in my current world anyway)
  12. SpartanSHATTER

    Name a boss you found easy, contrary to popular belief.

    Probably Ocram. I don't think it was that people told me he was difficult more that I thought he would be hard to beat because he was the final boss at the time. Second place goes to Plantera though.
  13. SpartanSHATTER

    Console Weird Creepy "Music"

    I don't know man. Sounds like a buggy part of your world. Have you tried going back into it since then? Either way, that is creepy.
  14. SpartanSHATTER

    Console What are YOU most excited about in 1.3?

    With this huge update coming out in the second quarter of this year, what are you most excited about? As for me, I just can't wait for the new armor sets!
  15. SpartanSHATTER

    Count to the highest number before a staff member posts

    313! I feel a record about to be broken soon...:pumpking:
  16. SpartanSHATTER

    Hi There!

    Whoa, that's cool.
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