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  1. iLLuZioNz

    tModLoader Risk of Rain 2 Mod (Cancelled)

    there are so many things i'd like to add to this mod but i am quite time constrained with having to do school from home and I am lacking in the skills to implement some of these features I'd really like to add. To not burn myself out, I am making the development of this mod lower priority. This...
  2. iLLuZioNz

    tModLoader The Red Hat Mod

    The Red Hat Mod What is the Red Hat Mod? I hear you ask. Well, it is a small collection of different red hats, all with their own unique uses. What does this mod add? This mod currently adds a recipe for the vanilla Red Hat as well as 4 other Red Hats and a new Red Hat crafting station...
  3. iLLuZioNz

    tModLoader Whoopee cushion with custom sounds (please help me)

    How would I go about making something like a whoopee cushion but it plays a random custom mod sound from a selection of 5 or so when you use it. Also, do I need to make a .cs file for the sounds or can they just be a .wav file and if they do need to have a .cs file, how would i go about doing...
  4. iLLuZioNz

    tModLoader Assistance with glowmasks

    I am relatively new to coding and have been dabbling with glow masks lately. I am having troubles with glowmasks on my weapons not rendering in properly and only show up when the item is dropped but not when the sword is swung. Could someone please help me fix this?
  5. iLLuZioNz

    tModLoader Does anyone know how the pulse bow bolts work?

    I'm not talking about how the projectiles bounce of things and change their direction, rather, i would like to know how to copy the particle effects/graphics making the projectiles look like lasers. if possible, could someone share some source code so i can have a similar effect work with a...
  6. iLLuZioNz

    tModLoader Risk of Rain 2 Mod (Cancelled)

    v0.07 adds the incinerator drone. More drones were going to be included but I need to sort out some bugs. In the future I aim to have the incinerator drone spit fire when I turn it into a summon.
  7. iLLuZioNz

    tModLoader Risk of Rain 2 Mod (Cancelled)

    Tmodloader's servers have been down so I've been unable to publish updated versions of the mod. I will be updating the Risk of Rain 2 Mod as soon as i find out the servers are back online.
  8. iLLuZioNz

    tModLoader Risk of Rain 2 Mod (Cancelled)

    updated mod icon added in v0.0.6, this was meant to be added in v0.0.5 but I forgot to include it
  9. iLLuZioNz

    tModLoader Risk of Rain 2 Mod (Cancelled)

    I'll be releasing drones over the next little while. I am coding them as pets for now as summons is something to advanced for me at time of writing. I will definitely turn them into summons in the future when i'm more skilled at modding though so don't worry :)
  10. iLLuZioNz

    tModLoader Risk of Rain 2 Mod (Cancelled)

    This is a completely separate mod and I am in no contact with the author of the risk of slime rain mod so I have no plans for this mod to work in conjunction with risk of slime rain. As Risk of slime rain currently only adds equipment from the first risk of rain game, I will be avoiding adding...
  11. iLLuZioNz

    tModLoader Risk of Rain 2 Mod (Cancelled)

    v0.0.4 is now here! You no longer need to cheat the items in as there are recipes for them :)
  12. iLLuZioNz

    tModLoader How to have vanilla terraria and modded separately.

    i'd recommend copying the terraria folder, then pasting into the same steam games folder and renaming it "modded terraria" (or whatever you like). After that, proceed to extract the tmodloader files into that folder then add it as a shortcut to steam. It's not a requirement but definitely helps...
  13. iLLuZioNz

    tModLoader Risk of Rain 2 Mod (Cancelled)

    Risk Of Rain 2 Mod I have began work on a brand new mod for Terraria! It will feature many things from Risk of Rain 2, including; -All 10 survivors currently in the game and new ones that come out in the future as armor sets -All enemies current and future as enemies in terraria -All bosses...
  14. iLLuZioNz

    Other "quick return to home" key

    just because you accidently click buttons, doesnt mean everyone else does
  15. iLLuZioNz

    Other "quick return to home" key

    0.5 seconds? If you put it on slot 3 you only have to move your finger 1 cm off of W then click with your mouse, this can easily be done in 0.1 or 0.2. Like i said, people who are skilled enough will be able to do this very quickly
  16. iLLuZioNz

    Other "quick return to home" key

    if people are good at switching between slots then they're gonna use recall/mirror from time to time to evade bosses without a hotkey. I've done it a few times and so have some of my friends. On console it's also very easy to do this already because you can assign the mirror/potions to one of...
  17. iLLuZioNz

    Other "quick return to home" key

    in what situations would spamming a teleport home help you? With the health potion there is a cool down but only after having used the potion so it is still used instantly. The hotkey doesn't instantly have to use the mirror/recall potion instantly as well. All the hotkey would do would make...
  18. iLLuZioNz

    Moonlord wont die

    i'm glad to see this issue is solved. I hope you don't miss using varia too much
  19. iLLuZioNz

    Hello TCF!

    You can request help any time on the forums, either find someones help thread or start a new one making sure you put it under the appropriate categories
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