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    the world is "gone"

    More than likely, the world is corrupted. You’ll need to check your worlds folder in Documents\My Games\Terraria and move the .wld file out, then rename one of the backup files from .wld.bak to just .wld The game keeps backups of older saves, you’re just changing the backup file name so...
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    Resolved [Mobile] Why am I only getting palladium, titanium, and orichalcum from the corrupted altars.

    Personally (different person) I think if you like swords and want something to help you deal with small, normal enemies, the Excalibur isn’t the worst idea. It won’t help much for bosses or tough enemies though. For easy-to-obtain weapons, you can get a hallowed repeater, the shadowflame knife...
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    Resolved [Mobile] Why am I only getting palladium, titanium, and orichalcum from the corrupted altars.

    Excalibur is better than an Orichalcum sword, and can be made into the True Excalibur later. Double check the ground where Skeletron prime died and make sure there isn’t anywhere it fell into, it should be there unless you logged out of the world (in which case it despawned) or Skeletron...
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    Resolved [Mobile] Why am I only getting palladium, titanium, and orichalcum from the corrupted altars.

    To add on, Titanium is actually above Orichalcum (it goes Palladium —> Orichalcum —> Titanium), and the next ore is Chlorophyte, but you’ll need a pickaxe axe/drax to mine Chlorophyte, which you make with hallowed bars (from mechanical bosses). And to get a truffle, you’ll need mushroom grass...
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    Worlds not showing up in Worlds list

    Have you made a world in the past that isn’t showing up anymore, or is this your first time playing and you don’t have a world yet? If it’s the former, check Documents\My Games\Terraria\Worlds to see if the file and backups are there. If it’s the latter, you’ll need to make a world in the same...
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    PC Temple with a garnish of jungle

    Ouch, but that’s just how FTW is sometimes, Jungle can take up half the world or be near-nonexistent. If you really want a surface jungle, you’ll have to make one yourself with jungle grass and mud. Jungle grass you get rarely when breaking background grass in the jungle, mud you can mine or...
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    is there a limit to how many piggy banks/safes/defenders forges/void vaults can be stored inside each other?

    Well you couldn’t fit more than 160, there are only 4 personal storage items with 40 slots each. Piggy bank stacks to 99 so I suppose that’s 158 stack of 99 and 2 stacks of 1, which is 15,644.
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    Game world not found

    None of those files are valid world files, I’m assuming those aren’t the ones you tried to change to .wld files. I’d try renaming all of the available backups to .wld files one at a time (so it should read Citrine.wld in the name) to make sure none of the backups work. If the backups are also...
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    PS4 Crimson or Ocean crates?

    So, with hybrid biomes, you’ll get whatever fish is in the higher priority biome, unless there aren’t any in a category, in which case the next biome’s fish will take its place. Different fish are categorized as common, uncommon, rare, very rare, etc.. Crimson has higher priority than ocean, so...
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    Resolved In-game item I cannot find any information about on the wiki

    That sounds like something added by a mod, but if it’s a recipe material you can give it to the guide to see what you can make with it.
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    Resolved My Terraria running in slow motion on a specific part of the map

    Do you have frame skip off in the settings? It looks to me like you’re switching biomes at that spot, which can be pretty demanding and slow down the game if frame skip is off/cause a lot of lost frames of frame skip is on.
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    ayo? over prepared or just weak boss?

    I don’t really understand the comparison to dark souls here, especially the argument that dark souls is a masterpiece and calling anything in it poorly designed would be out of place. I love dark souls, but some aspects of it are just poorly designed in the way Buffling described. Bed of Chaos...
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    PC Does Steam Cloud Save My Worlds?

    Yes. Saving it to the cloud essentially saves the character on steam instead of on your computer. You can play between computers as long as you’ve got a connection to steam cloud servers.
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    Biomes & Nature Newer Terrain

    I don’t think this is true, the underground desert doesn’t always spawn on the same side of the world as the jungle. It usually does, but I’ve seen it on the same side as the snow biome before. Can say with certainty that it happened in 1.3 and can happen in at least the for the worthy seed in...
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    Lost my character

    Yep, the folder with the character name has the map data (to show what you’ve explored on the minimap), you don’t need to change that. Just rename the .plr.bak file to exclude the .bak, the game doesn’t recognize that it’s a player file until you delete the .bak. It’ll make another .bak file...
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    Lost my character

    You want to change the file name and delete the .bak at the end, so that it reads (playername).plr Once you do that, the character should show up in game. You’ll be missing a little bit of progress because it’s not the most recent save, but it’s usually not too much.
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    Lost my character

    Sounds like the file might’ve gotten corrupted, I’d check the recycle bin for any .plr files and also see if there are any backup files in the players folder. Backups have .bak at the end of the name.
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    Items Guns that shoot high velocity bullets shouldn't replace the shot bullet

    How much of a velocity increase are we talking? I’m pretty sure the sniper rifle already has the highest velocity out of all the guns and the uzi/magnum aren’t too shabby.
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    Hot Topic What is your favorite Terraria boss?.

    No duke fishron in the poll ): I like him a lot, it’s just a fun fight.
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    Most Annoying Item/Mob?

    The mushroom vanity set. It’s not worth anything, I don’t like how it looks, and it feels like it’s everywhere. I’ve been playing a lot of FTW which has bigger/more mushroom biomes and it shows up a lot. As far as enemies, I’ll go with the easy answer of Wyverns. Nothings as annoying as having...
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