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  1. MonkeysUnkle

    PS4 Console 1.3 bugs

    Unfortunately the d-pad is bugged to. Not a game breaking issue, but every time you exit a game, it reverts it so that the d-pad function is disabled and requires you re-enable it and select your hotfixed items all over.
  2. MonkeysUnkle

    PS4 Need Help

    A few days ago, I started up Terraria on PS4 to help a friend with Fishron. On manually saving my game, it crashed and corrupted all of my data. I had pretty much everything I wanted, but there were a few standout items. I'm not going to lie, I am looking for some freebies. Namely, flairon...
  3. MonkeysUnkle

    Console 1.3: A Progress Update on the Road to Certification

    What people are taking issue with is that they're constantly being let down with these delays. I guarantee that the backlash wouldn't be nearly as severe if they'd been just been willing to admit from the start that they thought it'd take the better part of a year still. Instead they repeatedly...
  4. MonkeysUnkle

    Console Will 1.3 really come out in Q3?

    Waiting until the last minute to announce a fairly big delay is just bad form. It wouldn't have been nearly as bad if they hadn't waited until the last minute to announce the delay. Hopefully if there are any similar situations in the future, they come clean early on instead of getting...
  5. MonkeysUnkle

    Console Console 1.3 - An Update on Timing

    On the news page, it's stated that the console reset is to make it similar to the pc version, therefore allowing for more frequent console updates. This confirms that, not only will there be further updates, but that those updates will no longer take years to release. The point of contention...
  6. MonkeysUnkle

    A Progress Update on the Road to 1.3! Pre-Alpha Gameplay Inside!

    Could it? I would have thought that any modded items would be patched out with the update and rework.
  7. MonkeysUnkle

    Console 1.3 Coming Soon, help me!

    The only new bosses I'm aware of that are coming with the update are the Lunatic Cultist and Moon Lord. There's no single armour or weapon good for beating a boss, and what some people find works, others won't. All you need to do is make sure you have the best stuff that you can get at the time...
  8. MonkeysUnkle

    Console Hello from Pipeworks!

    Because the consoles are quite old. The overall intent with expansions like this is to get people who don't have the game to pick it up, and to entice people who already have the game to return. Not enough people are on the old consoles anymore to make it worth the time or money. Furthermore...
  9. MonkeysUnkle

    PS4 Wanna play terraria

    How are people supposed to send friend requests when you haven't posted your psn?
  10. MonkeysUnkle

    PS3 I really want friends.

  11. MonkeysUnkle

    PS3 Any Players?

    PSN: MonkeysUnkle1
  12. MonkeysUnkle

    PS3 Come and join

    PSN: MonkeysUnkle1
  13. MonkeysUnkle

    PS4 I'm new on ps4 terraria and wanna play with people.

    PSN: MonkeysUnkle1 For future reference, you should put your PSN down so others can contact you as well.
  14. MonkeysUnkle

    PC DPS of End-Game Magic Weapons

    Personally think the razorblade and the prism should be s rank. Razorblade is all around useful, and the prism does so much damage that it easily slaughters any non-boss mob in the game, even when unfocused. Combine that with the fact that it has a reasonable mana cost when unfocused means that...
  15. MonkeysUnkle

    Weapons & Equip New (Slightly op) Endgame armor

    Maybe in a mod, but in regular game? Absolutely not. It would be incredibly overpowered and would let you effortlessly slaughter anything you came across short of a dungeon guardian.
  16. MonkeysUnkle

    Official Console and Mobile updates ETA

    YES! Finally going to be able to fish. Here's hoping we'll see 1.3 in the near future.
  17. MonkeysUnkle

    Play Station Network Usernames

    If anyone needs help on anything up to and including frost and pumpkin moon, send me an invite. psn MonkeysUnkle1
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