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  1. Korok

    Other New Forum Background?

    I don't know if this counts as a game suggestion, but could we get a dungeon background for the forums Re-Logic?
  2. Korok

    Weapons & Equip Nyan Knife

    Look! Moonlord! Oh wait, he's dead.
  3. Korok

    Weapons & Equip Nyan Knife

    Pretty much
  4. Korok

    Weapons & Equip Nyan Knife

    A throwing knife based off of the Nyan Cat meme. It would be late game, and would deal quite a bit of damage. When thrown, it would have a little rainbow follow it just like in the meme. Just an idea.
  5. Korok

    Weapons & Equip Bouncy Cannonball

    I would definitely line a wall up of them and shoot them at goblins.
  6. Korok

    Weapons & Equip Bouncy Cannonball

    What are you talking about?
  7. Korok

    Weapons & Equip Bouncy Cannonball

    A different type of cannonball that, when shot, would function normally until it hits something. It would then act like a bouncy boulder. It would essentially be a bouncy ball that you can shoot.
  8. Korok

    17 days until Christmas!

    17 days until Christmas!
  9. Korok

    What Song Are You Listening to Right Now?

    "Levels" by Avicii
  10. Korok

    Game Mechanics Something to "unmown" the grass

    I think that the ability to un-mow would work well as some sort of shimmer variant of the mower.
  11. Korok

    What is Your Favorite Terraria Music?

    The over world music is one my favorites, it's mainly nostalgia though.
  12. Korok


  13. Korok


  14. Korok

    Items Bottomless liquid bucket

    Maybe it could be crafted with all of the endless bucket items and some stuff from the pillars.
  15. Korok

    Items Bottomless liquid bucket

    This would be great for saving inventory space.
  16. Korok

    Other Death message

    (Username) left an impact crater
  17. Korok

    Weapons & Equip Swordof regret

    I love this idea. It would be great for players to test their skills.
  18. Korok

    Game Mechanics New achievement

    Players shouldn't be encouraged to kill the creatures they find. (Unless they are enemies.)
  19. Korok

    [ATTACH] Alternative Name: Easter Bunny Ultra

    Alternative Name: Easter Bunny Ultra
  20. Korok

    On which side of Hell do you spawn the Wall of Flesh?

    Summoning on the left just feels... Right.
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