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  1. Reloch

    Items A little rebalancing of Dyes

    I find the 'unnecessary ones' would be the most helpful! The brighter Lime Kelp is great.
  2. Reloch

    Items Day/Night sensor

    Oh I'm so sorry mate :/ There are so many suggestions... ^^ Anyway, this makes clear Terraria needs this!
  3. Reloch

    Items Day/Night sensor

    Well I don't play MC in fact, so I didn't know ^^ But i guess u all agree this would be a great addition, no?
  4. Reloch

    Items Day/Night sensor

    This is a logical addition to the existing gamma of wiring, lights and timers. >At night, our torches burn bright and look cool. But when it becomes day, they keep burning and we must manually turn them off! >So: I suggest a welcome addition. A small placeable item, that, just like wire, could...
  5. Reloch

    Game Mechanics Seasons

    SEASONS Just an Idea. We have days and nights. We have moon cycles. So, why doesn't the world of Terraria have seasons? It looks so much like our Earth, exept on that point. (besides the monsters :happy:, :brain: n stuff) Concrete: Summer= normal. standard, like it is right now Fall= Trees...
  6. Reloch

    thanks mate ;D

    thanks mate ;D
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