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  1. obsidionPetal

    bad things in the school system thread

    I think a common problem I see in most schools is that they don't teach you stuff for life in some countries anyway :V. Like I'm not opposed to History or essays but it would be really helpful if they actually thought us real life stuff instead of us figuring out ourselves. Oh and if your...
  2. obsidionPetal

    What made you sad/annoyed today

    I have to do more stuff tomorrow and my eye cannot stop twitching Also about fornite, I could enjoy it more if it werent' for the builders...
  3. obsidionPetal

    Drawings & Paintings Lunar Fragment Weapon art I made

    Apologies for this taking a bit too long (Man it's been a month) Life got in the way ^^; Here are some more weapons Bonus
  4. obsidionPetal

    Would you date the Mechanic from Terraria?

    No thanks Id rather date my glass clock
  5. obsidionPetal

    Drawings & Paintings Lunar Fragment Weapon art I made

    Ohh sure when I get the time :0 I might do the Dragon Staff and Nebula Blaze, and another Vortex weapon idk
  6. obsidionPetal

    Drawings & Paintings Lunar Fragment Weapon art I made

    True this piece of mine reeks of EVIL!!! Also thanks :)
  7. obsidionPetal

    Underrated Gems

    KrimsonRogue He gives excellent book commentaries lol
  8. obsidionPetal

    Serious Let's talk about internet culture - Multiple things to discuss about.

    Toxicity...It's always been there but sadly wish it wasn't so prevalent as much these days. Toxicity is why I stay away from Twitter because oh god. I feel this is a summary of other topics listed because all of the below topics are very toxic at least to a certain degree. So goes for Cancel...
  9. obsidionPetal

    Drawings & Paintings Lunar Fragment Weapon art I made

    Some art I made for some of the weapons you can make from lunar fragments And yes, I drew the Stardust Cell Staff instead of The Stardust Dragon Staff because I'm evil :)
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  11. obsidionPetal

    Corruption or Crimson? Which do you prefer?

    Tbh while most of my worlds are crimson I somehow like Corruption a bit more. Not because of the loot obv but just the aethestic of it. Although it could just stem from me being a bit tired of being in Crimson worlds lol
  12. obsidionPetal

    if you could have 1 item in terraria in real life what would it be?

    Any pair of wings because I always wanted to fly
  13. obsidionPetal

    worst art ever

    All of this art is beautiful
  14. obsidionPetal

    Hello! :D

    Thank you :)
  15. obsidionPetal

    The most worthless armor

    Wood armor lol never really liked them Copper armor as well (its ok for early stages but it's better to get better armor)
  16. obsidionPetal

    Hello! :D

    Thank you! :D
  17. obsidionPetal

    Hello! :D

    Oh lol Also sure! Excited to go into Hardmode in the future :0
  18. obsidionPetal

    Worst Weapon or item

    Honestly....the Copper Shortsword. It's important for the Zenith but.... I hate it. Would also say spears but it's more of a personal prefence than anything
  19. obsidionPetal

    Don’t you think this is a pretty small forum considering that Terraria is a game with 30 million gamers?

    Well, forums sites aren't really as popular as they used to be. It's sad but technology is the way it is. Glad this place is alive to some degree, small doesn't always mean bad.
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