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  1. Buggsoup

    PC Free Labour cuz I'm lonely

    I'm lonely and bored so I'll do whatever you want (Mine, fight, gather resources, I honestly don't care what) for absolutely free!* :D I may not always be on/willing to do it, so ask me if you want me to! I don't feel like finding my IP so we'll just join through Steam friends. You can remove...
  2. Buggsoup

    tModLoader tModLoader Multiplayer..

    Would somebody with tModLoader with no mods on be able to connect to a computer without tModLoader?
  3. Buggsoup

    Sprites Pet ideas!

    I made an old thread for a Milkyway Weaver pet, but I realized there should be a collective place for pet ideas. So, feel free to post any pet ideas, and sprites would be even better! So, post pet ideas to your hearts extent! :D
  4. Buggsoup

    What's the worst thing your pet has ever done?

    Title explains it all fam.
  5. Buggsoup

    Tanning Station: A way to change skin color!

    Yes, I know it's a bit of a stretch. But a tanning station was all I could think of for a way to change a character's skin color. If you guys have a different idea, post it in the comments! Maybe something that makes more sense... Thanks!
  6. Buggsoup

    Milkyway Weaver Pet!

    Hey! This isn't anything big, but I just thought it'd be cool to have a Milkyway Weaver pet/minion. Not sure how you would get this, as the fragments each have two craftable items alone, but I still thought it'd be neat. Just a suggestion! (Btw the Milkyway Weaver is adorableeeee!)
  7. Buggsoup

    NPCs with Genders!

    So, pretty much I was thinking; wouldn't it be cool if the NPC's had genders? And by this I mean each time an NPC spawned/moved in it would have a 50% of being either gender! And for the mechanic and tinkerer thing, I think it's fine as it is. Gays aren't a bad thing.. I just feel this would add...
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