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  1. Qw2

    Rubber Leg

    I just thought this up while looking at this: The premise is that this item is a early hardmode hammer that is obtained from fishing in the ocean. Looks like a rubber leg from a mannequin, placed on a stick. So: Rubber Leg 47 melee damage 3% critical strike chance Average speed (30)...
  2. Qw2

    3DS Scorpions dropping extra Gore

    Killing either variation of scorpion on the 3DS version causes them to drop an extra 2 pieces of gore, which grow exponentially while falling offscreen. Tested on v1.0.3.
  3. Qw2

    3DS What is the 3DS Version of Terraria?

    Ok, so I'm considering buying the 3DS version of Terraria, and I'm concerned on what content I'll be getting when I buy it. The wiki states that Lepus as well as Turkor, are on the 3DS version. Both of these bosses are stated to be mobile only content. But on the front page, the 3DS version is...
  4. Qw2

    PC [1.3] Granite Expansion Mod

    Based entirely off of @lilTuck's Granite Mini-Biome Expansion. Go to his thread for a list of content. :dryadwink: Uses tModLoader for 1.3. Go to their thread for instructions on installation. Download V1.1 (Oh look, 32100th thread.)
  5. Qw2

    PC Paint as Ammo

    Paint Buckets can't go in your ammo slots? Huh? If I'm painting something big, why can't I easily switch between paints? I mean, yeah, it isn't used by a ranged weapon, but neither is wire. I see no reason for this not to be added. Surprised my search turned up nothing. %:sigh:
  6. Qw2

    PC Tipsy Effect

    I just thought it would be a nice aesthetic change if the music were to slow down if the Tipsy Debuff were active. Here's an example with the mushroom biome. Not sure if this would annoy players, but meh, that's for you guys to decide. :dryadsmile: Also, this -
  7. Qw2

    PC Particle Dyeing

    Why has this not already been suggested? Did I not search correctly?... So you dyed your Molten armor black and lime. "Ugh, the particles are still Orange." Guess what? Not anymore! Now you can dye any armor that releases particles, and the particles will chance color. (Only if all 3 slots...
  8. Qw2

    PC Nerf Gun

    Hey guys, It's me, with another easter egg suggestion. So I introduce… The Nerf Gun 'Red pls nerf' 42 Ranged Damage Extremely Slow Speed Uses Nerf Darts as Ammo. Worth 5 Gold 1% Drop from all Op/Annoying* Enemies, such as - -Paladins -Gastropods -Spiked Jungle Slime (HM) -Giant Tortoises...
  9. Qw2

    PC The Terriblade

    So one day I thought to myself: True Excalibur… True =/= False False Excalibur… WAIT WAT THATS AWESOME LEMME SUGGEST THAT Duct Tape was more of a side product of this, but if the Duct Tape part is preferred more, say so. Mummies (HM) Now drop Old Bandages (3-9) 5% Chance If placed on walls...
  10. Qw2

    PC Modified Durability

    I really don't want to make this suggestion, I'm afraid it will get hated on... Oh well. My Idea must be HEARD READ >:0 Modified Durability... This is not your regular "Use your weapon 123 times and it's gone forever" Instead, it's focused on Modifiers. If you have a Legendary Copper...
  11. Qw2

    Mobile The Mobile Guide to Teleporters

    As a mobile player, teleporting first confused me, and it confused some others I knew as well. I'm not sure if we were all confused about this, or of none of you were, but I'm posting this anyway. The pictures will be in spoilers, they are quite large. Let us begin! So here is your...
  12. Qw2

    PC Slanted Walls

    So I started a hardcore play through And died quite quickly and noticed this. Why isn't there a way to fix this? So I proposed this idea. Iron/Lead Saw (Makeshift sprite) / Crafted with 4 / 10 At an (There would be earlier and later versions of this, [Wood -> Chlorophyte, purely for...
  13. Qw2

    PC King Slime Tweaks

    So what if as a noob, the king slime spawns? So when it spawns, by default it has a ninja in it. BUT! If you die to the king slime, he eats you! You will not see money on the ground where you died, either. The king slime has stolen your money! So the next time you see the king slime, there...
  14. Qw2

    Pixel Art Qw2's Art Thread

    My art thread is here! Yay! Arts: Bows for my Hardmode Bows Suggestion And some leftover sprites Golem's Pristine Biome Sprites (These were some of the first sprites I ever made.) The Sprites for my Soulsgirl Suggestion And some Miscellaneous Sprites...
  15. Qw2

    Terraria: Otherworld Speculations

    Feel free to speculate on what Terraria: Otherworld might become, or state your clear opinion on what it is. If you haven't heard about it, there should be a post on the front page about this, here's the link. http://forums.terraria.org/index.php?threads/terraria-otherworld.11627/
  16. Qw2

    PC Mind Control Helmet

    I'm not sure if this was already posted in a way, I forgot to search. Mind Control Helmet Crafted with 10 Iron/Lead, 3 Souls of Night and Light, and 1 Wire, @ an Orichalcum/Mythril Anvil. 'Please don't hurt me...' When used on a mob, that mob becomes your pet. (As in no attacking, and not...
  17. Qw2

    PC The Soulsgirl

    My first NPC Suggestion! Feel free to give feedback! The Soulsgirl. Moves in after Obtaining your first soul. Instead of salesgirl? Get it? Sells: Soul Vial (Used in crafting) Sold for 1 silver Soul Emblem 'Increases Soul Drop rate by 50%' Credit to @Narwhal for this idea. Sold for 1...
  18. Qw2

    PC Falling Stalactites

    What if stalactites underground had a chance of falling if you stood under them for around 2-3 seconds? And dealt around 20-35 damage? Or maybe if you mined to close to one, they would fall? Just an Idea, what do you think?
  19. Qw2

    TCF Suggestion Front Page Censoring

    I noticed that on the front page status section, bad words (or any codes or faces or ANYTHING) aren't changed to the image they are supposed to represent. If you were to click on the forums page, however, that version has no such problem. I was just bringing this to the mods/admins attention...
  20. Qw2

    PC Summoner Enemies?

    So we have enemies for Melee, Ranged, and Magic... Summoners get no love... :( So what if we had summoner enemies, where you would have to defeat something like this: WARNING: THIS IS NOT A SUGGESTION, AND IS JUST AN EXAMPLE Lihzahrd Thing Health: 300 Defense: 10 Damage : 40 Spawns with 3-5...
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