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  1. Felis domesticus

    Prepare to Embark on Journey's End

    didn't they say one of the only major differences in creative mode was that mobs can't spawn? it would explain why it's before normal mode.
  2. Felis domesticus

    Terraria State of the Game - March 2020

    I hope it will come out soon!!!:)
  3. Felis domesticus

    Mobile Terraria 1.3 Launches on Amazon Today!

    I wonder when the next update is going to come out...
  4. Felis domesticus

    34.38432 seconds.

    34.38432 seconds.
  5. Felis domesticus

    you're welcome!

    you're welcome!
  6. Felis domesticus

    Ask a Fluff Anything

    Mine died 2 days after I made it
  7. Felis domesticus

    tModLoader Echoes of the Ancients

    Isn't that the same dance of light that is in calamity??
  8. Felis domesticus

    Mobile Npc Respawn?

    He will respawn if the housing is suitable and not occupied by another npc.:)
  9. Felis domesticus

    Other Game Pokémon

    Rayquaza, Solgaleo, any cat, and Necrozma
  10. Felis domesticus

    Scariest enemy!?

    Selenians are third for me, under nebula floaters.
  11. Felis domesticus

    Scariest enemy!?

    The dungeon guardian. Every time I go down a pre-skeletron dungeon, they scare me so much, even though I know they’re coming.
  12. Felis domesticus

    you're welcome!!

    you're welcome!!
  13. Felis domesticus

    Do items despawn?

    you're welcome!!! :happy:
  14. Felis domesticus

    Do items despawn?

    unless you drop it in lava or out of the map, yes
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