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    tModLoader GaMeTerraria

    interesting, I like it!
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    tModLoader Bryn's content

    This mod is a small content mod by me. Listen, I give up editing this, someone just make a wiki for it or somethin.
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    tModLoader yes

    I added the weapon pictures
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    tModLoader yes

    The yes mod adds a couple op weapons(warning: profanity): [/LIST]
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    tModLoader TCR - TerrariaChatRelay

    How do I make it relay chat to discord? Do I have to use Tshock?
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    tModLoader Apotheosis & Friends

    can you update this to tmodloader 1.11.4 please if it isn't already
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    Game runs in "Slow motion" or low fps?

    Any good video cards for terraria around 200-300 dollars`:indifferent:
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