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  1. Unit One

    Builds Alternative terraria Build. (No mods)

    Hi there @EaldorPrime these are wonderful, thanks for sharing. I went ahead and moved your two recent videos into this thread to keep them together, so that it’s easier for members to see all your builds at once.
  2. Unit One

    Weapons & Equip Throwable Boulders

    Hi @GoodCheeez 🌳 I added a title of “Throwable Boulders” to this thread. If you decide to make any more suggestions, please include more info than just “…” as a title. If you see something like this (something that you think isn’t allowed), please report the thread instead of posting in it...
  3. Unit One

    Hi Terra. :merchantsmile:

    Hi Terra. :merchantsmile:
  4. Unit One

    Mobile Button sizes and obacity

    Hi @7azlqoom if you haven’t already, check out this thread for tips: Mobile - Mobile Terraria Control Customization Guide If you can’t make a large enough button, you can place two (or more) smaller buttons that are identical next to each other to make the group of them into a psuedo-large button.
  5. Unit One

    Game Mechanics Abigail's Flower 🌺[Nerf]

    Hey folks, please get this thread back on topic. There shouldn’t be any posts here unless it’s discussing the suggestion.
  6. Unit One

    Hi there Korok. `:)

    Hi there Korok. `:)
  7. Unit One

    All in one thread would be appreciated. :)

    All in one thread would be appreciated. :)
  8. Unit One

    Game Mechanics Bezoar, Adhesive Bandage, Armor Polish type accessories anti-cheese system and how it works

    @Stellar Mastodon 267 this isn’t an acceptable reply in the suggestion section. From what I recall, although the forum staff hasn’t had to talk to you directly regarding the rules of offering constructive criticism, you’ve been around the suggestion section well enough to have seen other members...
  9. Unit One

    Game Mechanics The issue with "vanity"

    Constructive criticism is always okay. :) However, if someone personally thinks a suggestion is “bad” there‘s no reason to pile on in the comments, bloat up the replies, tell the OP over and over (and over again) that they are wrong, that the suggestion isn’t needed, it’ll never be added - as if...
  10. Unit One

    OOC Canvas Omega-18

    Hi @IgnisCervus I moved this post to be included in the OOC Canvas Omega thread, as it seems to be detailing and expanding more on this RP universe. All discussion can be made within this thread. :) Let me know if you have any questions.
  11. Unit One

    Game Mechanics The issue with "vanity"

    Hi all, I wanted to remind everyone of something stated in the Important - Game Suggestions: Rules & Guidelines “A truly "bad' suggestion requires no hate or vehement argument for why it doesn't belong in the game. The developers are smart enough to make the distinction between what does and...
  12. Unit One

    Ask TechionPrime34 Anything!

    @Stellar Mastodon 267 the first time you did this, we (forum staff) gave you the benefit of the doubt that you weren’t really asking for likes. But now that you‘ve done it again, it certainly seems that way. Please don’t make this a habit. Asking for likes is against the rules.
  13. Unit One

    Casual Random Chitchat Thread

    Claire, you can’t tell people to shut up here. You know that. Sadly, the forum staff will need to look this over. The continued and frequent disrespectful outbursts aren’t something that can be allowed to happen. There’s only so many times it can occur before the plug will be pulled. That’s not...
  14. Unit One

    Casual Favorite drink?

    Hi @Catacly§m I moved your post into this already existing thread where you can talk about your favorite drink.
  15. Unit One

    NPCs & Enemies Skeletron should not spawn directly ontop of the player

    Thanks @TurboClide I appreciate it. :) We (forum staff) can’t see everything, so if you happen to see the same thing happening (someone linking to their thread while in someone else’s thread), please use the Report button and we can look over it.
  16. Unit One

    NPCs & Enemies Skeletron should not spawn directly ontop of the player

    Hi there @TurboClide it’s normally considered a bit of advertising if you’re linking to your own suggestions in other peoples threads, and advertising isn’t allowed here. Many times different members come up with the same idea independently from each other, and that’s okay. Each can have their...
  17. Unit One

    Hot Topic What/who is your favorite NPC?

    Hi there @Beenzir the Beanman I moved your post into this already existing thread for a very similar topic. All NPC favorite details can be discussed here.
  18. Unit One

    Thanks for taking care of this. The previous one (that wasn’t censored) is still visible...

    Thanks for taking care of this. The previous one (that wasn’t censored) is still visible though. I’ll go ahead and remove it (the old one).
  19. Unit One

    Haha, love it.

    Haha, love it.
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