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  1. ☠destroyer78killer☠

    PC Terraria Making Resolution for Whole Computer Very Low

    Whenever I launch terraria, The resolution/ratio of my whole computer becomes low. This happens when I launch terraria and I have looked up the problem online and not found anything. What should I do?
  2. ☠destroyer78killer☠

    Items A custom pet staff you can craft by using a critter and an empty pet staff.

    Support!, but maybe not the enemies, too much coding. just critters. Also, BUNNY PET HYPE!
  3. ☠destroyer78killer☠

    Other Turrets & Traps! (Check Back Often!)

    I agree with you but I also want to see what the redo is gonna be like
  4. ☠destroyer78killer☠

    Other Turrets & Traps! (Check Back Often!)

    I like the turret part, not really the plants though...
  5. ☠destroyer78killer☠

    PC Shop - Any item you want!

    As Tunnel king said: your not allowed to sell items for money, if you want items go on a server and get some or download an all item world.
  6. ☠destroyer78killer☠

    Biomes & Nature Another Planet, Biome, Mobs, Boss.

    I agree with you there, be more accurate. Also the devs said they can't make Separate dimentions (I think) Lastly, is valhallaa reference to brawlhalla?
  7. ☠destroyer78killer☠

    Biomes & Nature Corruption vs Crimson balancing

    The crimson might have those redeeming factors, BUT Dont forget he worm scarf/brain of confusion :'(
  8. ☠destroyer78killer☠

    Items Better Ways To Get Items

    All im saying is you only get one of the items that you craft out of plantera pollen, and that removes rng (which I kinda like :3) but since you technically choose which weapon you get I guess its balanced...
  9. ☠destroyer78killer☠

    Game Mechanics Request: configurable keybinds for left mouse/right mouse

    STOP COMPARING TERRARIA TO MINECRAFT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! God... it makes me so frustrated.
  10. ☠destroyer78killer☠

    Items Better Ways To Get Items

    Exactly... You get like 2-3 items per Plantera kill, but with this you just get one. Also, I was talking about the fact that you need the grenade launcher to make the heat ray (If this gets implemented)
  11. ☠destroyer78killer☠

    Items Better Ways To Get Items

    You only get one of the special item... That means you can only craft one thing. What If I wanted the wasp gun, The leaf blower, the grenade launcher to make into a heat ray, And the axe wasn't even included. :/
  12. ☠destroyer78killer☠

    Items Better Ways To Get Items

    So... you'r saying you have to kill bosses over and over and remove a (kinda) fun part of terraria (RNG)? No Thanks.
  13. ☠destroyer78killer☠

    Blocks & Decoration Spectral barriers: Wraith proofing your house

    1st off: Cheesing wyvrens anyone? Also, If they don't affect bosses they don't affect wyvrens since they're minbosses
  14. ☠destroyer78killer☠

    Biomes & Nature The Desert needs some love (Desert Improvement)

    I feel like the cactus cannon is one of the reasons for players to go to the terraria wiki. It should be easier to find.
  15. ☠destroyer78killer☠

    Biomes & Nature Tar - The fourth liquid!

    I don't remember the 4th liquid... just a faint memory of that... All I remember is a memory of how amazing the moon falling on you was gonna be ._.
  16. ☠destroyer78killer☠

    Weapons & Equip Some more weapons, armor and a mine cart I didn't see on the list?

    The T-Saber, Is A huge Wall, of text. Please sort it with spoilers
  17. ☠destroyer78killer☠

    Items Mirage Displays

    This is fine! There are already music boxes!
  18. ☠destroyer78killer☠

    Items all weapons are automatic?

    Ehh... What? Reloading? No.
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