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  1. Hebiko

    PC NPCs spawning in random places I haven't explored?

    This was a glitch with Elements Awoken I believe, they recently fixed it in the latest update. Basically it generates labs in various places underground which had flickering lights. It would count as a house an NPC could move into.
  2. Hebiko

    tModLoader ItemMagnetPlus - Customizable Item Magnet

    So I want to preface this with the fact that we're running 64bit tModLoader, which may potentially be an influence, or these problems listed are just typical Terraria multiplayer glitchiness. Here's my (and my friend's) experience using this mod in a multiplayer environment: 1) The magnet...
  3. Hebiko

    tModLoader Calamity Mod

    Is it intentional that the Profaned Energy is able to spawn almost everywhere? It feels like an enemy that belongs in Underworld or during an invasion event, yet I keep having it spawn outside my house or practically anywhere else. Frankly, while I'm in post-moonlord content and I understand...
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