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    like someone dont know platium coin gun is one of the most powerful weapons
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    Mob switch

    it's not "there can only be one standard spawn per tick" but "there can be NO standard spawn in a tick where a NPC despawn due to inactive/death/shimmer, but the basic idea holds (if you can despawn one every tick you need to spawn one every tick and vice versa. Also here is my remix-compatible...
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    1.4.5 world seed question

    i dont see a reason why it wouldn't. seed mixing is just about setting some flags.
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    **REPORTED** Underground desert includes all of the surface & space level

    when determining whether player is in underground desert biome, the game compares the surface height with the player's Y coordinate. However, the surface height is measured in tiles, while the player's coordinate is mesured in pixels. since each tile is 16-pixel high, the player is almost always...
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    PC Off-centered spawn point stops invasion from actually arriving

    The invasion event (goblin, pirate, etc.) is designed as follows: when a invasion start, it will move from one side of the map towards the player's original spawn point. Before arrival, invasion enemies only spawn when player is close to the (moving) invasion center, but after arrival invasion...
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    NPCs & Enemies Allow summoning mech bosses separately after beating mechdusa in gfb

    i hope we can summon each mech boss separately after beat mechdusa. after defeating mechdusa if i want more soul from one boss for certain weapon, i still need to face all three together, which is quite annoying
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    Game Mechanics Sky Pylons. That's it.

    while the ida is interesting, isn't all pylons (except cavern) work on sky?
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    Items Cellphone shall be able to display guide's recipe info as long as he is alive. This is a function to call the guide.

    speaking of guide not having phones, why not add a telephone furniture that once placed in a npc house, allow you to access its dialogue menu from anywhere (that is, including thibgs like shop)
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    Weapons & Equip Solar Flare Gun

    no one seriously treat flare gun as a "weapon" anyway, it's more of a meme tool suggestion
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    Weapons & Equip Solar Flare Gun

    as most of the items related to solar pillar have the prefix "solar flare" (eg. solar flare pickaxe, solar flare wings. I cannot stop thinking why not let flare gun upgrade to "solar flare gun" or have "solar flare" (the flare ammo) as the ultimate illumination tool. not sure what sort of effect...
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    Game Mechanics ForTheWorthy exclusively brings back Demon Altars corrupting Random Blocks

    I'll vote against it. The change that make alter not spawning evil blocks is actually to make the alter itself more relevant to the game playthrough. I've played terraria for more than 1500 hours, and not a single altar had been broken before 1.4.4 introduce the change. they were simply useless...
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    Weapons & Equip Make scope have an on/off option

    isn't it on only when you press right key? or you're actually mentioning their effect that pushes mob spawning away from you?
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    Biomes & Nature Snow Grass for World Evils to access Surface Enemy Only Loot in the Surface Snow

    still I dont see how not mining 20 pearl stones being a QoL change, especially considering the fact that you need to run back and forth to find the mobs stuck somewhere
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    Biomes & Nature Snow Grass for World Evils to access Surface Enemy Only Loot in the Surface Snow

    i cannot find out how this suggestion is related to QoL?
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    Most efficient seahorse farm?

    suggestion to the killing system use chain to block water from turning into obsidian and pour lava directly above instead of using bubbles and darts like this seagulls and turtles get instantly killed and dolphins die as soon as they try to rise (this is zenith seed so they only die from...
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    Showcase A compact boulder river generator

    I made this generator for my mob farm in zenith world (where lava damage does not work well on enemies) to provide consistent damage source. comparing to a line of statues this one looks more elegant to me at least. The system consists of 64 boulder statues and exactly 1 boulder will be released...
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    Boulders don't count as projectiles

    they activate red pressure plate so at least in this scenario they are considered as kind of creature i suppose
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    Items Make Faelings bait for fishing

    random thought: lat faeling be a bait that can only be used to fish in shimmer. if you use it in other liquid you will fall down as what happens when you try tp fish in shimmer with other baits In this way it make sense to me even setting the fish power to 40~50 as a reward for relocating...
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    A note on building an Ocean biome in Don't Dig Up and Zenith seeds

    the note is basically 100% WRONG there is a 50% chance any mob spawning considering the flag for ocean biome as True in as long as the tile is at least 200 tiles above the bottom of the world, at most 200 tiles above the cavern layer, and not in the center 14% area of the world (this is likely...
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    PC Guide can respawn during WOF fight, which leaves the Guide in HM

    you do notice that you need to kill WoF multiple times to get all the loots right
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