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  1. xArcri

    tModLoader The Aerovelence Mod

  2. xArcri

    tModLoader The Aerovelence Mod

    Sorry for the extremely late reply, but you turn them into the Rock Collector NPC (Moves in after you defeat the Crystal Tumbler!)
  3. xArcri

    tModLoader Rise of the Colossus

    I think it's funny that he says "Don't use any of the sprites without my permission" Same could be said about 99% of your 'mod'
  4. xArcri


  5. xArcri

    Texture Pack The Hollow Knight Texture Pack

    I don't think I've ever seen a texture pack like this, changing the vanilla textures to rework an entire biome is really creative.
  6. xArcri

    tModLoader The Aerovelence Mod

    (Background for the Crystal Caverns, an Aerovelence biome) Aerovelence is a mod that focuses on introducing new systems and features while expanding on the vanilla game. This mod has been in development for 2 years now, with a lot of content to back it up. You can find more information below...
  7. xArcri

    tModLoader SwordOverhaul

    Stop spamming the mod browser with this mod pls
  8. xArcri

    tModLoader Aerovelence Mod

    The mod was killed off. I have been working on it more now, And it has a lot of new content!
  9. xArcri

    tModLoader Aerovelence Mod

    Me and the other owner, "TraoX", are looking for experienced spriters and coders. Send your skills to me, @Arcri#0184 On Discord. :)
  10. xArcri

    tModLoader Aerovelence Mod

    Download the latest version of Aerovelence on the Browser! JK, it isn't out yet. Sorry friends. Trailer soon! What does the Aerovelence mod add to Terraria, and what do I plan on? -65+ Items. -3 Pre-Hardmode Ores. -A ton of bosses, including some special ones. -A few accessories. I plan to...
  11. xArcri

    Aerovelence has been updated.

    Aerovelence has been updated.
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