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  1. Heath04🌳

    Blocks & Decoration Scaffolding

    If the suggestion is more broad, I'd support. Builders have been wanting stackable furniture for a while now, it has all sorts of use cases and is one of the main reasons a lot of PC builders prefer TEdit or Cheat Sheet mod. You can allow furniture items to stack and this opens up table...
  2. Heath04🌳

    Items - AREA FILLER - Fill a Closed Area With Blocks or Walls

    I get builders often make farms so they have a lot of money, but 10 platinum is still a high price
  3. Heath04🌳

    Items - LOVE POTION - Make NPCs Happy With Any Other NPC -

    The thing about this suggestion, Red already has a plan for both love and stink potion, so they would have to scrap whatever work they've done (if any) to add this.
  4. Heath04🌳

    NPCs & Enemies buff certain enemies to be more threating in mastermode

    You've made some interesting changes like Spiked Slimes spawning naturally and then some really annoying ones that I wouldn't even recommend adding to FTW. Making the game more annoying/β€œsuffering” doesn't improve player experience. A lot of people play Master Mode for the mounts/pets, making...
  5. Heath04🌳

    NPCs & Enemies Warmth Potion Nerf/Deerclops Buff

    Keeping it the way it is, Deerclops is just going to be cheesed. I'm fine with Warmth Potion being useful for early game snow exploring and Frost Moon exclusively. Especially since it is really useful during the Frost Moon still, a crucial event.
  6. Heath04🌳

    NPCs & Enemies Warmth Potion Nerf/Deerclops Buff

    Deerclops doesn't have shadow hands in DST, but does have a laser
  7. Heath04🌳

    NPCs & Enemies Warmth Potion Nerf/Deerclops Buff

    I believe the weapons more accurately next to queen bee, however I still think that she needs buffs.
  8. Heath04🌳

    NPCs & Enemies Warmth Potion Nerf/Deerclops Buff

    People often say that Deerclops is tiered post-Skeletron, which I take it as that boss is as hard/harder than Skeletron. Which you can tier optional bosses however you want, it's a matter of opinion. It is just what drives me to make this post the most since I do often see Deerclops listed as...
  9. Heath04🌳

    NPCs & Enemies Warmth Potion Nerf/Deerclops Buff

    What's the issue? I often see people say "Deerclops is a post-Skeletron boss" which I would 100% disagree with. You can say that he is intended to be fought post-Skeletron, but by that point the gear you have is above his and your character is way more powerful than Deerclops. Even by preboss...
  10. Heath04🌳

    NPCs & Enemies Traveling merchant re-roll

    you can also leave the game and rejoin also not sure the point of taking a screenshot of a specific text and then also highlighting all of the text
  11. Heath04🌳

    Items - Dynasty Wood Tree Sapling - This is a 100% Good Idea! I think.

    If you're suggesting him to sell saplings instead of the dynasty wood I'm going to hard disagree, I like buying my things in bulk.
  12. Heath04🌳

    Weapons & Equip Rework Shortswords and Some Other Forgotten Weapons (I could code this if it's a time issue)

    Throwing knives are used, they're good early game and shadow flame knife is one of the best melee weapons pre mech. Making them a shortsword isn't making them any better and is in fact just nerfing these weapons. For the other weapons I guess you could do it, but I feel like there's better...
  13. Heath04🌳

    how do i fly using wings

    Congrats on getting your first pair of wings, make sure to equip them into your accessory slots and then press and hold the jump button
  14. Heath04🌳

    Vanities CJ's Vanity Showcase

    With Jim's Set getting a resprite I wanna post my favorite uses of it. While some of these may be possible, the way the cape is now I don't know if these vanities would look as good. The resprite in question: Trench Coat, I use this one most often with coybows or scientists. I can imagine the...
  15. Heath04🌳

    Vanities CJ's Vanity Showcase

    Been a while since I used this thread but thought I'd update:
  16. Heath04🌳

    Blocks & Decoration Ladders for NPCs and players

    I believe Red has talked about NPCs going up and down elevation before and I think the reason they decided against it was because of a bug where NPCs all collected into a top room and wouldn't go down. So if NPC pathing can simply be fixed I can see this being added.
  17. Heath04🌳

    Items - NPC Summoner - Allows you to transport NPCs Easily!

    I don't know if a cooldown is necessarily needed but a less convenient way of summoning them, like you gotta place it down then assign them to it and pay a gold fine to teleport the NPC (prices vary). I also do like the idea of an NPC exclusive teleporter that isn't randomized but they can just...
  18. Heath04🌳

    Items - NPC Summoner - Allows you to transport NPCs Easily!

    What exploits do you think would come from the item if there isn't a cooldown?
  19. Heath04🌳

    PC Prevent/Restoring Corrupted Files [PC Only]

    There are a plethora of reason files go missing/get corrupted, it could have been a hardware issue, the operating system, user error, some software conflict or sometimes just unavoidable. If any of the cases I've written this to hopefully help users restore their content so that they can keep...
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