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  1. Galactus

    The grammar that many users stoop to using is below the English expected from them. Silly Americans.

    The grammar that many users stoop to using is below the English expected from them. Silly Americans.
  2. Galactus

    Daimera's Content Tavern

    Yes. Yes he is. looks like your lady has some serious competition.
  3. Galactus

    Favourite biome?

    and there aren't in the jungle??
  4. Galactus

    Corruption or Crimson? Which do you prefer?

    No. bugs shouldn't be that big.
  5. Galactus

    Corruption or Crimson? Which do you prefer?

    And they look like fried eggs.
  6. Galactus

    Razleth's Artists' Corna

    My art request: Raizho The Black:Physical Appearance: --Tall, roughly 6-foot-6, fit but not bulky. --Spiky, anime-like hair that pulls back like quills (sort of like Albert Weskar); Jet black. (almost black). smoky-gray skin, metallic black fingernails. --Yellow eyes (like a KH heartless or...
  7. Galactus

    Delta's Digital Art Thread

    Do you draw only Terrarian-Themed items, or are you open to suggestions?
  8. Galactus

    Let's all make emoticons for the forums!

    XD Incredible. I shall have to come up with one this weekend.
  9. Galactus

    Daimera's Content Tavern

    This art is quite exquisite. Well done.
  10. Galactus


    Ah, so you are the artist who made that picture of a Terrarian adventurer in Turtle armor and wielding a Terra blade doing some... Gardening. I look forward to seeing even more of your creations.
  11. Galactus

    Pony's Feelventure

    I await your art with bated breath, Pony.
  12. Galactus

    Corruption or Crimson? Which do you prefer?

    Yes, Being a magic-over-might type of player, the golden shower was QUITE welcome in my arsenal. But like I said, it just doesn't feel like it belongs there. It will probably integrate better as time passes.
  13. Galactus

    Hot Topic Post your Terraria hours!

    Oh, I haven't actually gotten to sit down and play in months. That being said, I have over 3,000 hours. Started playing in the really early days. got involved when Yogscast did a let's play.
  14. Galactus

    Corruption or Crimson? Which do you prefer?

    I am a fan of the Corruption over the Crimson. The Crimson just doesn't feel very "terraria" to me. It reminds me of The Flood from the Halo series. how it's all very flesh-based, and everything is like a gross mutation of the overworld biome. its all very... out of place.
  15. Galactus

    Favourite biome?

    Default biomes I quite enjoy The Underworld. However, there is a sort of mashed-biome I made in game between mushroom and corruption that I particularly like playing.
  16. Galactus

    Should terraria have a lore?

    Personally, I rather enjoy the ambiguity Terraria currently offers, and think it should stay that way. There has been some talk of a Terraria 2 that will be more lore-based rather than the sandbox-adventure that is Terraria.
  17. Galactus

    What is your favorite pre-hardmode boss?

    Skeletron. I enjoyed the overall design, particularly the Dungeon Guardian variant if you try to break in to his house outside his parameters. Plus, it is easy for my mind to drift to possible back story to the origins of the Skeletron, given much of the shadow magic and necromancy within the...
  18. Galactus

    Tell me about the friends you made because of Terraria.

    I used to play on this server (will go back to it one I get a working laptop) that I found via steam. Called Tenton01's Terraria Extravaganze. I built a friendship with not only the system leader Tenton01, but with well over a dozen other Terrarians playing PVP, building contests, various...
  19. Galactus

    PC What's your favorite theme?

    Oh, this is a tough one. hmmm.... I think I will have to declare a tie between Underground Corruption and the Snow biome.
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