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    Official Labor of Hallow's Eve Entry Showcase

    I really want to share what I worked on. My fiancée and I spent hours getting scaffolding in place internally so the fire and lasers glowed a different color without bleeding into the main bodies. There are a total of 3 light sources in each pumpkin to make them look like that.
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    Official The Labor of Hallow's Eve

    This is, by far, the hardest I have ever worked on a piece of art, and I am dying while waiting to hear if I've placed.
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    Journey's End Vanity Contest Submission Thread

    I am not much of an artist, but this is supposed to look like an antlion outfit. I really enjoyed my time dying horribly in the underground desert, and I always wished there was an antlion outfit. You can wear Fairy Wings with this to look like a swarmer.
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