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    [Showcase/Project] A Compact Fishing Complex and More

    I said that I wouldn't put more efforts on fishing setups, but I couldn't help myself after I had a really good idea last month. Basically, I made a new biome boundary and I also reworked some block placement to make everything more symmetric, I think it is easier to build overall. I decided to...
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    Corruption or Crimson? Which do you prefer?

    I prefer the Crimson overall since the Brain of Confusion buff, plus the Vampire Knives after Plantera, it is just better for me. Both biomes are accessible once you enter hardmode, so the exclusive drop isn't an issue, but you only got one dungeon chest.
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    [Showcase/Project] A Compact Fishing Complex and More

    I'm glad my design was useful to you, your construction looks really awesome! I spent some time to refine the last pool design I posted here, making it easier to build and minor adjustments. The result is a diagram of the entire thing (instructions included): World download is included at...
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    [Showcase/Project] A Compact Fishing Complex and More

    Recently I tried to make a vertical (or should I say horizontal?) approach to my last design, based on some ideias from @Beartopus design. One of the reasons I didn't place the biomes right next to each other on the horizontal design was because it felt really odd to stay centered on the biome...
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    [Showcase/Project] A Compact Fishing Complex and More

    So I decided to make a rework on my design, focusing on making it more compact without overlapping any biomes, as well as optimizing block amount. I feel like there are still better ways to handle the block placement, by setting the biomes boundaries with single blocks on both sides you can...
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    NPCs & Enemies The Terraria Endgame really needs some work.

    I feel like people try to fight the pillar as they are just some event like the pirate invasion, which they clearly aren't. You gotta prepare for the fight, understand the patterns and enemies so you can effectively defeat them. I had this exactly problem you described but got around it by...
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    [Showcase/Project] A Compact Fishing Complex and More

    This is strange to say the least. I went and downloaded my own world from the video, changed the Angler's quest using TEdit to Mudfish and tried to catch it on both surface and underground of the two farms and all jungle spots worked. Then I must ask you, which version of Terraria are you...
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    [Showcase/Project] A Compact Fishing Complex and More

    Hey, I'm the guy who did the video! I really appreciate that you watched it. About the mushroom biome, even though I said in the description that it needs more mushroom tiles to effectively fish on it, it doesn't seem that is the case. The wiki says that you need 200-201 tiles from a mushroom...
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    PC Terraria don't launch, no error message.

    Hi, Recently I tried to start my Terraria on Steam and nothing happened. Steam shows up the message when you run a game and right after the message close, next to Terraria on game list the text "running" change to "synchronizing", like if I have closed the game. I don't know what happened...
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