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  1. WHATaGENIUSname

    Mobile In what way are you cursed by RNG on Mobile?

    3 paladins hammers i found yes indeed
  2. WHATaGENIUSname


    lol i beat it a long time ago and how do you get your ascreen like that? or are you playing on ipad
  3. WHATaGENIUSname

    Mobile Bound Goblin Died...

    I remeber a funny moment when i was running around in a tunnel i was digging and he spawned directly on a pressure plate connected to some dynamite underground lol
  4. WHATaGENIUSname

    Mobile Has anyone else got a "Turtle Shell?"

    Ove ignored my chlorophyte for a while and when i go into the jungle i find tons of it
  5. WHATaGENIUSname

    Mobile I want a bigger hotbar

    I had mcpe for my android for a while, before i thought it was j(g)ay and i recall it having 8 hotbars for my invintory
  6. WHATaGENIUSname

    Mobile Paladin's Hammer?

    The update ruined my gameplay, i cant eaven open the app lmao
  7. WHATaGENIUSname

    Mobile Reforge Glitch? (Ios)

    Just drag it in the head icon and drop it in before it opens the tab
  8. WHATaGENIUSname

    Mobile Google Play problems

    Theyll fix the bug (in 20 years -_-) i cant play the game, in fact most reviews say the game is unplayable or it just deleted all their progress i havent played it ever since :'(
  9. WHATaGENIUSname

    Mobile Does deleting terraria on Android make you lose everything

    The update broke my game too, it saids the same thing so wait for the update coming soon. As for deleting it, it will delete your worlds and characters unless you have them backed up on cloud or drive
  10. WHATaGENIUSname

    Mobile Mobile multiplayer

    Someone did but i requires complex things like vpn server stuff, plus u need a computer
  11. WHATaGENIUSname

    Mobile Mobile multiplayer

    Noi wish tho
  12. WHATaGENIUSname

    Mobile Mobile multiplayer

    Yeah i know how to ill make a private room Make a list of 10 items u want and ill give em to u, it doesnt matter how hard it is to get
  13. WHATaGENIUSname

    Mobile Mobile multiplayer

    Ya But me mum has the ipod with her and im on android, i have the app too but another time maybey in the weekend or wednesday after im outa school 3:35pm maybey at 4:00pm
  14. WHATaGENIUSname

    Mobile why?

    Why do most people on the forum's have some kind gif picture of their avatar dancing with their hands above their head?
  15. WHATaGENIUSname

    Mobile Paladin's Hammer?

    what, huh? No i forgot ill do it soon tho
  16. WHATaGENIUSname

    Mobile Multi-Terraria App

    wait... You have a son? I went to your link but your young? Not off topic just wanted to know
  17. WHATaGENIUSname

    Mobile NPC Help

    Wherever he spawns just make an artificial nbiome
  18. WHATaGENIUSname

    Mobile Cursed Sapling on iOS?

    U mean this thing? Got it in iOS and transfered it to my android tab
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