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  1. Sandwichapple

    Standalone [] Terraria Leveled RPG mod

    What the different about Leveled and Unleveled?
  2. Sandwichapple

    3DS Terraria for 3DS Coming Soon

    What's really the different about Eshop version and the Catridge Version of Terraria on 3DS?
  3. Sandwichapple

    Map-Puzzle Portal Gun Puzzles 2: The Sequel

    Will you make more Portal Maps? They are so awesome! Love them so much already!
  4. Sandwichapple

    Terraria Challenges?

    If you do the 100 HP challange, how you suppose to get Goblin Army and Pirate Invasion? You need 200 health for those invasion to spawn.
  5. Sandwichapple

    [Released WIP] Terraria Avalon

    What is added in this new version of Exxo Avalon Mod?
  6. Sandwichapple

    [Released WIP] Terraria Avalon

    Any idea how to craft/get Golden Shield, Aegis of Ages or Nuclear Extinsguisher?
  7. Sandwichapple

    Standalone Terraria Industrial Revolution

    When will this mod get released? It's really awesome! I can't wait!
  8. Sandwichapple

    [Released WIP] Terraria Avalon

    Does anybody know how to get the Golden Shield and the Nuclear Extinguisher. And tell me how.
  9. Sandwichapple

    tAPI [Discontinued] tAPI - A Mod To Make Mods

    Whenever I install tAPI R15 on a clean Terraria it will not show up the tAPI.exe
  10. Sandwichapple

    [Released WIP] Terraria Avalon

    Do you need Corruption to spawn in the Armageddon slime?
  11. Sandwichapple

    tAPI Shockah's tweak mods

    Thank you very much!
  12. Sandwichapple

    tAPI Shockah's tweak mods

    How do you get 15 accessories slots? I only managed to get 10.
  13. Sandwichapple

    tAPI [Discontinued] tAPI - A Mod To Make Mods

    Everytime if I open tApi, it stopped working. I removed everything and putted tApi again, and still it still stopped working. Am I doing something wrong?
  14. Sandwichapple

    tAPI Grox The Great's Mods o' Magic

    Where can I get that Basemod?
  15. Sandwichapple

    tModLoader Elemental Boots

    Does this mod works for the latest version of tApi?
  16. Sandwichapple

    [Released WIP] Terraria Avalon

    Awesome mod!
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