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  1. TechSupportDave

    tModLoader Pet Army - Unlimited Pets

    Sadly it doesn't work... perhaps it's because I'm using pets from other mods? But that doesn't seem to be the case, since Dog Whistle doesn't get summoned either and it's vanilla :/
  2. TechSupportDave

    tModLoader Calamity Mod

    oh no i'm gonna get banned on a forum.
  3. TechSupportDave

    tModLoader Calamity Mod

    What I say is completely true. You're clearly not qualified enough to understand how utterly terrible Calamity's code is. I'm not gonna give a rat's :red: about some dumb rules when the only thing holding back a good mod is a very FUNDEMANTAL factor. Perhaps it is "hard-worked", but if that were...
  4. TechSupportDave

    Calamity mod x Fargo's Mod (help)

    :red: I also want to know. I'm using similar mods, and getting a similar issue. Did every logical course of action possible but nor the client log, nor anything lets me even pinpoint the mod that's causing it. Could be multiple mods at once causing it perhaps??
  5. TechSupportDave

    tModLoader Calamity Mod

    Okay so this mod would be literally a masterpiece if not for the simple fact that there seems to be absolutely no effort put toward OPTIMISATION. tModLoader has some very strict limitations in terms of memory and the fact I can't have even two big content mods in my game is ridiculous! Please...
  6. TechSupportDave

    tModLoader Wing Stats and Hook Stats

    Isn't this redundant with calamity?
  7. TechSupportDave

    tModLoader Useful NPCs

    Any possible incompatibilities?
  8. TechSupportDave

    tModLoader Assorted Mods by Ef

    Does autochests work fine on current tModLoader version? I'm not getting any crashes but there are some errors, but the chests seem to be gathering resources fine.
  9. TechSupportDave

    tModLoader Shop Expander

    Guessing the mod is dead. Does anyone know of any alternative mods? Although I'm not getting any issues using this mod, I'm trying to avoid outdated mods to minimise issues with my mod list.
  10. TechSupportDave

    tModLoader Realm of the Mad God Deathsounds

    Awesome mod. Do you know of any audio mod incompatibilities besides other death sound mods?
  11. TechSupportDave

    tModLoader No Angler Timer

    Mod still works fine?
  12. TechSupportDave

    tModLoader Loot Bags Mod

  13. TechSupportDave

    tModLoader Worldbits: Yuyu's Worldgen

    It seems to generate things fine considering it's a dead mod, but I'd really love if we could choose what gets generated. Certain other generation mods aren't compatible sadly...
  14. TechSupportDave

    My Mods

    I like the 999,999,999 max stack size, but not when there's a risk of things being buggy when there are items getting stacked which simply are not supposed to be stacked. Otherwise I'd totally dig the mod though!
  15. TechSupportDave

    tModLoader Loot Bags Mod

    Does it still work? No update in 2 years...
  16. TechSupportDave

    tModLoader Antisocial - Enables all social accessory slots

    Right I kinda just use tmodloader browser but there's only 1.4alpha for tmodloader so I'm really confused as to why it isn't a redundant software now with the workshop.
  17. TechSupportDave

    tModLoader pbone's Utilities

    Hey just wanted to say thank you for this mod.
  18. TechSupportDave

    tModLoader Antiaris

    Ty. Do you know of any up-to-date place where outdated/discontinued/buggy mods are listed?
  19. TechSupportDave

    tModLoader TGM1234's Mods

    Does World Persistence mod work in the current tModLoader version? I feel like it's a mod that could easily get very buggy if not updated.
  20. TechSupportDave

    tModLoader Antisocial - Enables all social accessory slots

    Has this mod been updated for 1.4? The lack of a specific update date in the tModLoader mod browser makes it impossible to tell.
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