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  1. Royaharrigan

    Mobile Done playing mobile

    I've reported this issue multiple times. I've posted on here, on the Android rating section, as well as sending customer service requests directly to them. Nothing has changed. This issue is years old and they have still yet to fix it.
  2. Royaharrigan

    Mobile Failed download/install message on startup

    Don't waste your time. 505 games doesn't care. Play a different game, or play Terraria on your computer. Mobile version is trash that they refuse to support.
  3. Royaharrigan

    Mobile Done playing mobile

    There support for the mobile platform is beyond terrible. My game refuses to start on my Galaxy Note 3 after their update. Stuck on the same loading green ring refusing to download. And since they have not provided a way to retrieve my save or even try to fix the problem. My characters and...
  4. Royaharrigan

    Mobile Would really be nice...

    If they fixed the mobile game. It's been months since their last update broke my game and I have not been able to play it since. This is ridiculous. Fix the game already!
  5. Royaharrigan

    Console The Frost Moon is Rising on Console!

    Duke Fisheron???????????????
  6. Royaharrigan

    PC Which mount is better - Honeyed Goggles or Rudolph?

    honeyed goggles. Looks infinitely cooler.
  7. Royaharrigan

    Mobile Would be nice

    You guys are lucky. I can't even get the game to start anymore.
  8. Royaharrigan

    Mobile Would be nice

    To be able to play Terraria on my phone again. Waiting for a patch to fix the patch that broke my game.
  9. Royaharrigan

    Official New 1.3 Spoilers: Enhancing the User Interface

    I noticed the grass was pink. Is that a new biome?
  10. Royaharrigan

    Console Which sword is the coolest?

    Definitely the Murasama!
  11. Royaharrigan

    Play Station Network Usernames

    Hey guys I just bought Terraria on my PS3 after playing on my PC and Android. Anyone want to join me my PSN ID is Blackkoolaid. Just message me terraria.
  12. Royaharrigan

    Mobile souls of night

    There is no issue with Souls of Light. They drop frequently and plentifully. The drop rate for souls of night have managed to drop drastically since this last patch for whatever reason.
  13. Royaharrigan

    Crashes and unsave the progress

    Just open the menu. Anytime you see the small ring in the bottom corner of your screen the game is saving. You don't need to use Magic Mirror for it to save.
  14. Royaharrigan

    Hoverboard lacking hover ability

    Pretty impossible since you can't press up and down at the same time.
  15. Royaharrigan

    Crashes and unsave the progress

    My game also crashes a lot. I find that I have to force the game to save regularly to make sure I don't lost progress.
  16. Royaharrigan

    Mobile Missing Enemies in 1.2

    Yeah I've farmed the dungeon like crazy and have yet to see a single paladin.
  17. Royaharrigan

    Truffle M.I.A.

    Yeah he randomly spawned for me after I destroyed one of the houses I built for him.
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