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  1. Heath04🌳

    Blocks & Decoration Day 1 asking red to make genie lamp a buff station

    What would it buff? Crystal Ball already does a mighty lot
  2. Heath04🌳

    Terraria State of the Game - February 2024

    Rabbit Perch Ancient Garments (Violet Dye) Capricorn Tail (Rainbow Dye) Sweetheart necklace
  3. Heath04🌳

    Weapons & Equip Make Trimarang pierce enemies just like Paladins's Hammer

    I don't think that's correct, if you have a source to back that up I'd be interested in seeing it.
  4. Heath04🌳

    Weapons & Equip Make Trimarang pierce enemies just like Paladins's Hammer

    Remember if you have an issue report it instead of commenting. Correct, piercing 3 isn't a bad buff but I would go even further and let it keep the frostbite debuff that ice boomerang inflicts. Or give it a 1/3 chance to inflict the debuff.
  5. Heath04🌳

    Weapons & Equip eel whip

    The Moon Lord whip looks different, definitely doesn't have an eel's head
  6. Heath04🌳

    Weapons & Equip eel whip

    We are already getting an eel-like whip according to some snapshots
  7. Heath04🌳

    Blocks & Decoration Transmutation Coating

    They said they will put out a fix, that is not confirming it will be patched out. I get the implications, transmutation is cool. I use it for my maps. I don't think making it a coating is a good idea at all. I don't have videos I can link you, however it is very easy to crash the game I've done...
  8. Heath04🌳

    Blocks & Decoration Transmutation Coating

    Developers have already put in a patch for transmutation early in 1.4.5 development, whether that fixes the bug or not is yet to be seen. I do not think the devs are willing to add in this bug as a feature like hoiks. This also seems like an absolute disaster if it was added, do you know how...
  9. Heath04🌳

    Items - Traveling Merchant's Phone Number - Call him, but accept the consequences!

    Alright so, you're making an item to solve traveling merchant not spawning frequent enough. That item is being sold by the traveling merchant as a rare drop and costs 10 platinum (which is an extremely high price point for an item). I'm going to say that's not a very great method of obtainment...
  10. Heath04🌳

    PC i get this error everytime i try to join a world

    I would first log into OneDrive, this has been the major issue I've seen with this error. If you are logged into OneDrive back up your files, then uninstall OneDrive as it is just a pain in the :red: and shouldn't be installed in the first place. Since your files are backed up I also suggest...
  11. Heath04🌳

    Game Mechanics 1.4.5: add ability to get titanium in adamantite world without chlorophyte extractinator

    Funny enough, speedrunners don't spend time on hardmode ores and usually just skip to hallowed armor.
  12. Heath04🌳

    Being able to see those constellations in issue 5 would be really dope

    Being able to see those constellations in issue 5 would be really dope
  13. Heath04🌳

    Blocks & Decoration Scaffolding

    If the suggestion is more broad, I'd support. Builders have been wanting stackable furniture for a while now, it has all sorts of use cases and is one of the main reasons a lot of PC builders prefer TEdit or Cheat Sheet mod. You can allow furniture items to stack and this opens up table...
  14. Heath04🌳

    Items - AREA FILLER - Fill a Closed Area With Blocks or Walls

    I get builders often make farms so they have a lot of money, but 10 platinum is still a high price
  15. Heath04🌳

    Items - LOVE POTION - Make NPCs Happy With Any Other NPC -

    The thing about this suggestion, Red already has a plan for both love and stink potion, so they would have to scrap whatever work they've done (if any) to add this.
  16. Heath04🌳

    NPCs & Enemies buff certain enemies to be more threating in mastermode

    You've made some interesting changes like Spiked Slimes spawning naturally and then some really annoying ones that I wouldn't even recommend adding to FTW. Making the game more annoying/β€œsuffering” doesn't improve player experience. A lot of people play Master Mode for the mounts/pets, making...
  17. Heath04🌳

    NPCs & Enemies Warmth Potion Nerf/Deerclops Buff

    Keeping it the way it is, Deerclops is just going to be cheesed. I'm fine with Warmth Potion being useful for early game snow exploring and Frost Moon exclusively. Especially since it is really useful during the Frost Moon still, a crucial event.
  18. Heath04🌳

    NPCs & Enemies Warmth Potion Nerf/Deerclops Buff

    Deerclops doesn't have shadow hands in DST, but does have a laser
  19. Heath04🌳

    NPCs & Enemies Warmth Potion Nerf/Deerclops Buff

    I believe the weapons more accurately next to queen bee, however I still think that she needs buffs.
  20. Heath04🌳

    NPCs & Enemies Warmth Potion Nerf/Deerclops Buff

    People often say that Deerclops is tiered post-Skeletron, which I take it as that boss is as hard/harder than Skeletron. Which you can tier optional bosses however you want, it's a matter of opinion. It is just what drives me to make this post the most since I do often see Deerclops listed as...
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