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  1. Plexity

    NPCs & Enemies The Dark Knight and Spells

    Support, but I think that the Void Maw should be more expensive, and the sell price is ALWAYS ×5 lower than buying ALWAYS. Still, support.
  2. Plexity

    Hot Topic Share your RNG luck here!

    Mythical Magic Knife on first Reforge! Wut?!? Oh yeah I also got Legendary zombie arm on one of my first zombie kills, that was a while back though. Kinda useless now.
  3. Plexity

    Other pseudoname's unsorted jumble of suggestion

    There is no end to the signature! Wait, I'm writing this at the bottom. Yay I made it!
  4. Plexity

    My god, that is not demonic at all. Lol. I'll take a magma bath later, thanks though.

    My god, that is not demonic at all. Lol. I'll take a magma bath later, thanks though.
  5. Plexity

    Hehehe... suplex...

    Hehehe... suplex...
  6. Plexity

    What was Jontron gonna sing anyway?

    What was Jontron gonna sing anyway?
  7. Plexity

    WHAT AM I WATCHING!?!?!?!?!?! [MEDIA]

    WHAT AM I WATCHING!?!?!?!?!?!
  8. Plexity

    Constant crashes, inaccessible cloud world!

    Oh, ok, so it's not just me. Ok! That's probably why my sister and cousin don't crash, they are noobs and don't have hardmode yet! :3
  9. Plexity

    Destroyer Platinum farm! (5+ coins/Terraria night!)

    Really? I'm sure I got the right URLs in... Work for me. Maybe u.
  10. Plexity

    Constant crashing and horrible spawnrate following slot bug

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO :( Those are 1/2000 chance!!!!
  11. Plexity

    Destroyer Platinum farm! (5+ coins/Terraria night!)

    If you didn't read the title, this is a guide to get many platinum! This farm is for farming the Destroyer, in which you must have really high Defence, and a good weapon to farm. To start off, there is multiple ways to farm the destroyer, based on your device, or game version, that you own...
  12. Plexity

    Reforge curse! (Not really)

    Cutlass is a pirate invasion thing, but on mobile, all weapons have autoswing, making its fast speed and high damage (for me, 73) really efficient, while I try to wait for solar eclipses, for broken hero swords, for Terra blade.
  13. Plexity

    Reforge curse! (Not really)

    Tools list: Legendary Cutlass Legendary Picksaw Mythical Magical Knife Mythical Rainbow Wand Mythical Rainbow Gun Demonic Clockwork Assault Rifle Godly Golem Fist Godly Possessed Hatchet Mythical Staff of Earth Unpleasent Stynger (planning on reforging) Bone Key
  14. Plexity

    Reforge curse! (Not really)

    I'm pretty sure lucky coin and gold rings are PC only... I'm on mobile.
  15. Plexity

    Reforge curse! (Not really)

    I do a lot of reforges, now I only got 12 platinum left, and I'm too lazy to farm the destroyer. But, almost all of my tools are cyan!
  16. Plexity

    ULTIMATE money/bait farm (200+ platinum per day and loads of bait) [PLEASE READ]

    Creo que su idea es genial, pero te puedo decir que este es un única tarea del ordenador, porque tengo un teléfono, y tengo que permanecer en una aplicación para que siga funcionando, así que no puedo AFK ella. Por cierto, yo no española, sólo estoy traduciéndolo para usted, para ahorrar algo de...
  17. Plexity

    Easy method to get Hallow, and remove Corrupt!

    If you don't wanna come back, then don't. Easy.
  18. Plexity

    Weapons & Equip Hardmode Ores and Hammers [Sprites]

    Great idea! I have noticed a lack of hammers in game, this suggestion will fix that! By the way, when you mentioned the Pwnhammer being replaced with "Mjolnir", I kinda cried in laughter (not really, but inside, yes). The reference was "Marvelous"! ;) I support!
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