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    Important TCF Outage this Morning

    I thought of the same, even reseted my phone thinking it would fix the problem ;(
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    Official New 1.3 Spoilers: Enhancing the User Interface

    I can't stop laughing at the irony of the situation. Devs and testers seem to be overwhelmed by the crimson...
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    PC 1.3 Spoilers!

    How to NOT use TCF: skip to the last page and post whatever comes into your mind. If you read the rest, you'll find out: - Things you didn't realise. - Conclusion people take from those things. - You're own new, useful conclusions.
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    Member-Run Project Terraria Valentine's Day giveaway thread

    I already have Terraria and gave a few copies to my friends, but I just wanted to point out: A) This idea is great. B) You're awesome.
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    PC 1.3 Spoilers!

    Why can (or can not) skeletons ride unicorns while I can't?! I want unicorn mount for 1.3!
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    PC 1.3 Spoilers!

    Guys, the reason why zombies and demon eyes are thougher is beacuse they are on expert mode. All of them have more than 100 hp, I wonder how much would an endgame boss have...
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    PC 1.3 Spoilers!

    So far, what I see (some are obvious, some are not): - 0:00: House made of lunar ore/block, blocks and furniture from this set can be seen. - 0:00: Upgrade of GPS (accessory). Tells position, time and surrounding enemies. - 0:00: Laser machinegun (as seen at 0:20) in hotbar slot 4. It's color...
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    Official And Now for a Taste of Things to Come...

    Guys, don't go off-topic. We're here to discuss about the teaser, not Pixel Piracy. So, briefing, which things are the most accepted about the teaser? I see many people saying it's Terraria 2 (which can't be) or this: I totally agree with the last one.
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    Official And Now for a Taste of Things to Come...

    More stuff to point out! All of us know that: A) ReLogic team is working on 1.3 atm. B) Once 1.3 is released, ReLogic's main devs will move to Terraria 2, the rest will stay on Terraria. C) This project is carried by both ReLogic and Engine Software. I don't know much about Engine Software's...
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    Official And Now for a Taste of Things to Come...

    All I can guess that hasn't been said earlier is that the purple thingie that overrides ReLogic and Engine Software logos was indeed made to look evil and alive. Even though it's just a teaser, every single frame on the video was intended to be in it and have a meaning. The purple stuff looks...
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    darthmorf's avatar edits and fad updates workshop

    Even though the title says "Avatar edits", could you please make me a pixelated avatar with Chlorophyte armor (helmet variant)?
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    Official 2014 ReLogic Terraria Halloween Contest Entry Thread

    So here's my entry (pretty late, sorry). Made in PC. It's supossed to be some kind of curch hiding dark secrets.
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    Console Whats the Weirdest item in Terraria (Your Opinion)

    Zombie arm... I mean, if it wasn't just enough killing something that is already dead, you reap his arm off and use it to kill more zombies!
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    Official Second Annual Re-Logic Terraria Halloween Contest

    We stand no chance with stuff like that... ;(
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    PC Item 3,000!

    Any chance we know who are the guys who have surpassed everyone else? Also, congrats on the progress!
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    First person to say 'The Word' wins!

    "Oh-Jesus-Christ!" ?
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    I guess you're working on it, aren't you?

    I guess you're working on it, aren't you?
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    Official A Lively World - Terraria 1.3 Spoilers & TCF Launch Event!

    That's the greatest moment for a fan spriter to do it. Wish I was skilled at spriting...
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    PC Can't connect to multiplayer

    Hi Terrarians, I have a friend with an issue: he can't play multiplayer. We've both tried a few things, but with no results. So far, we know: - He can't connect to ANY server. - Singleplayers works. - Terraria.exe has already been set as an exception in Window's Firewall. - Reinstalling didn't...
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