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  1. Starspark

    Terraria State of the Game - March 2024

    Roller skates look sick. There's one feature I miss; being able to link equipment slots freely when switching loadouts. So, switching from loadout 1 to loadout 2, lets me have it defined to reuse the armor from loadout 1, so I can swap between damage and healing variant of spectre armor, and...
  2. Starspark

    Terraria State of the Game - February 2024

    I think it'd be cool if Spectator Mode was more than just a death screen. Sometimes, you might want commentators/streamers for a PvP multiplayer server, to be able to spectate. Same during minigames where there's permadeath (battle royale), and then be able to reset the players later or set...
  3. Starspark

    Terraria State of the Game - January 2024

    Y'know.. it'd be cool if that Axearang picked up wood for you on the return path - either directly triggering a pickup, or pulling along the item like in Zelda: Ocarina of Time.
  4. Starspark

    Terraria State of the Game - November 2023

    It'd be cool if you can join a game and just *be* a spectator, is that possible?
  5. Starspark

    Weapons & Equip Demon Scythe upgrade - The Pop Sickle

    Sorry I dunno how to sprite. Here's an illustration for a sawblade, the outer circle's shape, per example. I'm fully open to this being more sickle-like etc. I imagine the lollipop-style popsicle to be in the middle where there's a hole in these. They will be spinning in the opposite...
  6. Starspark

    Weapons & Equip Demon Scythe upgrade - The Pop Sickle

    Hey, I thought the Demon Scythe is rather unique as a weapon, yet only exists one place and is barely suitable for early hardmode for a little bit. It's been one of my favorite mage weapons. I'd like an improved demon scythe the more fancily embodies being a scythe of death. I'd also like it...
  7. Starspark

    Items Some accessory that is incorporated into the crafting of the cellphone to measure "luck"

    Yep, a luck indicator is sorely needed for such an invisible stat that many newbies couldn't possibly know it exists. It's also fitting if the item is related to fishing or the Angler, considering fishing is all about luck.
  8. Starspark

    Game Mechanics Small Bestiary fix - Escapability, and clearing Search

    Hey, two small ideas for improvement. 1. I've noticed that the Bestiary can sometimes be a little bit inescapable at times. I've changed my Inventory hotkey to be Tab, so I can inventory manage easily and even on the move. However, while typing in Bestiary search, if I am attacked, this key...
  9. Starspark

    Weapons & Equip Shellphone target fix

    Hey, I've noticed that the Shellphone right-click has a tendency of activating even if the player is actively hovering over other usable objects. It'd be nice if Shellphone borrowed some of the logic for autoselect, by not doing so in close proximity while hovering over usable entities.
  10. Starspark

    Weapons & Equip Fishing behavior fix

    Hey, I've noticed that consuming bait seems to be completely random, yet sometimes my line literally rips and it doesn't consume anything despite.. the logic of it. Perhaps make it so that ripping the line wastes bait, and balance the odds of that happening, with the current bait consumption...
  11. Starspark

    Game Mechanics Let's hear your best suggestions for seed combinations!

    Mount olympus seed combo: Boulder rain (yes actually), solar damage, and bees/lava released from every block destroyed. Oh, and Medusa spawning broadly to make boulder rain more interesting. Alternatively, biome rain. Sometimes rain is red and fire bats spawn. Sometimes it's green, jungle mobs...
  12. Starspark

    Weapons & Equip Rod of Harmony - faster but harder obtainment

    Hmm that's a fair point.. I didn't consider if this would make summoners overpowered. It's meant more as a tribute and a direct "I'm willing to work this hard for this long so I can play through the game with this item" thing. It's one of the funnest, coolest items, yet you can't use it until...
  13. Starspark

    Weapons & Equip Rod of Harmony - faster but harder obtainment

    Hey! So this is maybe a hard sell but.. I personally always feel like post-Moon Lord is essentially well.. too late for me, as then I'm done. I don't think Rod of Harmony is too destabilizing either, even during boss battles; simply because you gotta swap back and forth, and there's delays...
  14. Starspark

    Items Mana Star sound volume nerf

    Hey, The Mana Star sound is pretty loud and sharp, please reduce it a bit!
  15. Starspark

    Items Shadowflame Hex Doll - Slight sound fix

    Hey, The Shadowflame Hex Doll, when button is held down, makes a sound similar to the sound of a worm burrowing through terrain, causing me to near-panic sometimes at low HP - please edit it so that part of the sound isn't there, thanks!
  16. Starspark

    NPCs & Enemies Lost Girl update

    Hey, I always thought Lost Girl seemed like a half-implementation. She does literally nothing except stand there, and then casually walk at you for damage. It's often also hard to see her before you've already caused her to aggro, and so the premise of a "fake NPC" doesn't always show. How...
  17. Starspark

    Game Mechanics Bestiary Important Update

    Hey, I have two quick requests for the bestiary: 1. Add a hotkey to view Bestiary 2. Make it easier to tell progress on a mob in the Bestiary, through progress bar and default category-wide question marks like below. The problem: When a Bestiary entry hasn't progressed far enough, it simply...
  18. Starspark

    Game Mechanics A way to not quick grab money from Piggy Banks

    This could be fixed if the devs had a dedicated Coin slot, kinda like how the inventory has that. Although I'm also in favor of just simply making it so the player has to manually grab the coins.
  19. Starspark

    Game Mechanics Hi, here are some suggestions for new updates for the game

    I agree highly with both piggy bank and accessories sharing between loadouts, and can suggest developer solutions. Piggy bank situation I think the issue with the piggy bank is that your coins aren't always going to be kept around. Your coins combine, meaning your silver coins might vanish...
  20. Starspark

    Game Mechanics Character Creator Undo/Discard Confirmations

    Hello! I have 2 short feature suggestions. 1. Character Creator Undo Button - I'd love an Undo button that applies to everything including sliders, and maybe has a memory of your last 20 actions or so. Not sure if it should work independently per tab/category, or for all changes globally. 2...
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