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  1. Deteh

    tModLoader Lancer mod

    Sounds good, but the steel armor's defense when below 50 HP is too high, maybe 8 defense will do, also, i'll keep an eye here, can you give us some sprites?
  2. Deteh

    tModLoader good shortswords STILL IN DEVELOPMENTS

    Great Mod! Will this make more shortswords? Cuz I wanna make a only shortswords challenge but there's only copper/tin, iron/lead, silver/tungsten and gold/platinum ones
  3. Deteh

    Top 5 favorite video games

    Terraria Stardew Valley Hello Neighbor (Love uncovering it's secrets) Not much, I have a :red:ty pc :|
  4. Deteh

    tModLoader Legends Mod!

    Very interesting mod, support :happy:
  5. Deteh

    I refer to the corrupt palm tree

    I refer to the corrupt palm tree
  6. Deteh

    Didn't know this can happen:

    Didn't know this can happen:
  7. Deteh

    Hi Everybody!

    Hello, my name it's OeDeteh, call me Deteh, I'm from Chile, South America, I'm 16 and a little shy, but hi! I played Terraria a lot before but I had never the courage to post here, but I think it's time to do so :happy:
  8. Deteh

    Standalone [1.3] tModLoader - A Modding API

    Can we block some crafting recipes? I want to make an alternate worlds mod but I haven't figured out how to block a normal world's recipes Like only let you craft the alternate world items
  9. Deteh

    Chest Organization System

    Every torch is the center That way if you stay at the center of the circle and quick stack all the items in the chests will be stacked. After that just decor the room with the style you want. Example of item sorting: - Blocks - Bricks - Walls - Furniture - Statues...
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