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  1. Shadowknight

    Your most hilarious / stupid death

    Killed myself due to grenades trying to kill a mother slime I still question my discison to this day
  2. Shadowknight

    PC 1.3 Changelog

    I like all the changes that this can bring but lets hope we have a clean release unlike the 1.2 release problems
  3. Shadowknight

    Official Terraria: Otherworld

    Im waiting for a dyrad to come along when it was cleansed to the players best ability to say theres about 1 percent thats not cleansed
  4. Shadowknight

    Official Terraria: Otherworld

    well this is a interesting thing to see pop up the next terraria game
  5. Shadowknight

    Member-Run Project Terraria Animated Music Video! Submit your characters!

    After thinking about this Imma throw my character down (no drawings as I'm terrible at drawing)
  6. Shadowknight

    Alchemy help

    Chances are that you dont have all the materials for a potion such as a lesser healing requires mushrooms gel and a bottle while the buff potions require more things if you want the recipes but bottled water to the guide he will show you lots of potions recipes or go to the wiki it shouldn't...
  7. Shadowknight

    [Poll]What's your favorite Bullet Gun type?

    I love the tactical shotgun cause I had a soft spot for the shotgun in 1.1 but when 1.2 and I got the upgraded one oh boy just loved it for auto fire and more bullet spread
  8. Shadowknight

    RE LOGIC! -Terraria logic jokes!

    By moving NPCs underground near lava rabbits just seem to just follow them down as well
  9. Shadowknight

    Post your "Give me back my money Goblin!" moments

    After not getting the prefix for a long time i get to used to clicking the mouse and I get the prefix then click the mouse again and lose it for another 5 mins so much money gone
  10. Shadowknight

    Has this changed?

    After you beat a mech boss the steampunker will show up no matter if the world is in hardmode or not this also funny enough applys to the red devils as they start spawning after a mech boss is defeated
  11. Shadowknight


    Paladins and Necromancer teleporting armored monster with hammers and beams
  12. Shadowknight

    Hot Topic How Did You Come Across Terraria?

    How i came across terraria was when i saw the a video of it on the yogscast channel for the first time then kinda forgot about until i discovered some people started to lp which got me more interested into the game which lead to me getting it
  13. Shadowknight

    Weird cases of world gen

    The most oddest world gen i had was a bit ago which involved having the dungeon spawn with the rainbow gun in a wooden chest in it. I was pretty much like whaaa
  14. Shadowknight

    1.3 lunar update confirmed 2020

    1.3 lunar update confirmed 2020
  15. Shadowknight

    In before huge wide server wars between terrarians and cultists

    In before huge wide server wars between terrarians and cultists
  16. Shadowknight

    Lets avoid most things dealing with nintendo all right

    Lets avoid most things dealing with nintendo all right
  17. Shadowknight

    If you could combine two weapons at once

    Tactical shotgun + the chain gun bullets everywhere
  18. Shadowknight

    And if you be a monster?

    I'd be wyvern as i'm be able to generally fly around in the sky unhindered by what happens on land
  19. Shadowknight

    PC Item 3,000!

    Expert mode now that sounds like fun
  20. Shadowknight

    Hardmode Vs Pre-Hardmode

    I liked the early game more as I like the exploring aspect of it more as im getting new things and having a new experience
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